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Black Art / White Walls

Main Gallery: 12 April - 15 June

Dingo Dreaming
Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri Dingo Dreaming 1993, synthetic polymer paint on canvas  

This exhibition draws on the extensive personal collection of indigenous art accumulated by Adrian and Anne Newstead while working with Aboriginal  and Torres Strait islander artists over the past 30 years. Adrian Newstead is  a dealer, writer, consultant and activist who owns the oldest Aboriginal art  gallery in Australia, Coo-ee Aboriginal Art Gallery, Bondi.

Adrian and Anne Newstead began their intimate involvement with the  creation and subsequent bloom/boom of the Aboriginal art market in 1980. Their art collection is a personal one, built through personal relationships, serendipity, and a keen sense of historical and cultural importance. As such  this art collection stands distinctly apart from those of casual collectors. It is a platform by which a different narrative can be told: that of art as an  expression of relationships, culture, spirituality, the land and kinship.

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