Wagga Wagga City Council and Privacy

The collection, use, storage and disclosure of personal information is governed by the the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (PPIPA).

The collection of personal information from Councillors, employees, volunteers, contractors, ratepayers and member of the public is required in order for Council to perform its statutory functions and to allow the effective provision of services.

"Personal information" is defined in the PPIPA as follows:

"Personal information means information or an opinion (including information or an opinion forming part of a database and whether or not recorded in a material form) about an individual whose identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained from the information or opinion."

The person does not have to be clearly identified by the information. It is only necessary that identity "can reasonably be ascertained from the information."

The Act also outlines information that does not constitute Personal Information as follows:

  • information contained in a publicly available publication
  • information about an individual's suitability for public sector employment
  • information about a person who has been dead for more than 30 years

The PPIPA offers enforceable privacy rights to the people of NSW and gives them the opportunity to:

  • amend personal information about themselves kept by Council
  • make a complaint if they feel that there has been misuse of their personal information by Council
  • make application for an internal review and/or make a complaint to the Administrative Decisions Tribunal if they are not satisfied with Council's course of action.

Council has a Privacy Policy (PDF, 165.2 KB) and a Privacy Management Plan (PDF, 546.7 KB) both of which help to ensure that staff are aware of privacy issues and ensures that personal information of individuals is handled in accordance with legislation.

Personal Information held by Council

Council holds personal information concerning Councillors, such as:

  • personal contact information;
  • complaints and disciplinary matters;
  • pecuniary interest returns; and
  • entitlements to fees, expenses and facilities;

Council holds personal information concerning its customers, ratepayers and residents, such as:

  • rates records;
  • DA applications and objections;
  • Names, addresses, bank account details;
  • Child information;
  • Library lending details; and
  • Burial and cremation records;
  • Personal contact information.

Council holds personal information concerning its employees, such as:

  • recruitment material;
  • leave and payroll data;
  • personal contact information;
  • performance management plans;
  • disciplinary matters;
  • bank account details;
  • pecuniary interest returns; and
  • wage and salary entitlements.

If you require any further information you can visit the Office of the Privacy Commissioner website.