Bulk excavation is nearing completion as works ramp up at the new BMX track at Wagga Wagga’s Multi Sport Cycling Complex on Pomingalarna Reserve.

Contractors moved their heavy machinery on to the track site this week and have made significant progress with construction of the 5-metre and 2.5-metre starting ramps.

Berms and various other elements are also being shaped up in line with the track design by Dirtz Australia.

The track has been designed to AusCycling certification standards. The 2.5 metre start ramp will be extendable to eight metres for major events. Both ramps will be covered by shelters and will feature ProStart Gates from the USA.

The track - made up for four straights totalling 400 metres - will have a polymer finish and asphalt corners. It is also being lit with 300 lux lighting with spectating space provided around the track.

Practical completion date for the project is April 2022, weather permitting.

Council is urging community members to stay clear of the construction site.