Three key sections of the Wagga Wagga Multisport Cycling Complex are now open to the public.

The Jump Track, Pump track, and Mountain Bike Playground Loop were opened for the community to enjoy on Friday 28 May.

The Pump Track is a short loop of rollers and berms for bike riders and is designed to maximize your momentum so you can ride it with minimal pedalling.

The Jump Track is a compacted earth track, with three corridors to choose from; easy, medium and hard, Each track has four jumps.

Easy: Table top jumps, 1.2 metres high

Medium: Gap jumps, 1.6 metres high

Hard: Gap jumps, 2 metres high

The Playground Loop is a 1.5 kilometre compacted earth trail. The loop has six features which riders can choose to attempt or ride around - two table top jumps, a flip-flop berm, a seesaw, log rides, rock step downs and a bridge.

The tracks are located west of the new velodrome, which is currently under construction.