McPherson Oval Lighting Upgrade


Wagga Wagga City Council is upgrading the lighting at McPherson Oval to a new LED system that will meet the requirements for training and matches.

Project Updates


01 Aug 2023

New poles installed

While wet weather delayed work during June and July, four new 30-meter light poles with LED floodlights were installed at McPherson Oval in North Wagga Wagga this week.

Remaining work includes aiming the LED lights in the right direction to minimise spillage onto adjoining properties, testing and then decommissioning and removing the old lighting system.

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Project Information

As part of Wagga Wagga City Council’s ongoing commitment to replace outdated sportsground lighting, we are upgrading to a new LED lighting system at McPherson Oval.

The new 200 Lux LED system will meet the lighting levels needed for training and matches.

The project involves:

  • groundwork
  • installation of four 30 metre light poles with LED floodlights
  • de-commissioning and removal of the old light poles.

The project will also include the installation of a new PA speaker system.

This project is being funded by:

  • NSW Government, Stronger Country Communities Fund - $365,171
  • Wagga Wagga City Council - $40,945

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The new LED lights and the system’s design will have several advantages over the current system including:

  • less energy usage
  • less carbon emissions
  • no flicker
  • no UV emissions which mean the lights will attract less insects
  • improved lighting for night training and matches
  • less spillage of lighting onto adjoining properties.

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