Asset Management Strategy & Plans

Asset Management Strategy 2022

Council’s Asset Management Strategy 2022 is a ‘living’ document aimed at improving Wagga Wagga City Council’s asset management processes and procedures. The Strategy outlines how Council manages infrastructure networks on behalf of the community.

The Strategy acknowledges that Council has limited resources, and not all infrastructure assets managed by Council can be maintained at a level which meets community expectations at all times. Through good asset management practices Council can prioritise its resources to obtain the best value for money within the limited identified budgets.

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Asset Management Plans

The 2022-2026 Asset Management Plans include Transport, Recreational, Buildings, Stormwater and Sewer assets.

Stormwater Network Asset Management Plan 2022-2026 2.4 MB Download

Transport Asset Management Plan 2022-2026 3.5 MB Download

Buildings Asset Management Plan 2022-2026 2.0 MB Download

Recreation Asset Management Plan 2022-2026 2.4 MB Download

Sewer Asset Management Plan 2022-2026 2.7 MB Download

Past Plans