Biodiversity Strategy: Maldhangilanha 2020-2030

The term ‘Biodiversity’ refers to the variety of all living things on earth. It is the diversity, and the health of this diversity, that we humans are reliant on for the provision of:

  • Food
  • Fresh water
  • Clear air
  • Medicine

Research also indicates biodiversity is important for our total wellbeing.

Wagga Wagga City Council’s Biodiversity Strategy: Maldhangilnha 2020-2030 (the Strategy) is a keystone document that aims to increase awareness and address a wide range of key threatening processes impacting biodiversity.

The benefits gained from biodiversity are shared by everyone and so is the responsibility to address its serious decline. It is recognised that protecting biodiversity is the responsibility of all levels of government and the community. The Strategy identifies a number of partners, including government and non-government agencies that have biodiversity conservation and natural resource management as a priority.

Following an extensive consultation process a number of themes were identified. These themes informed the four strategic pillars of the Strategy:

  • Planning for Biodiversity
  • Strengthening our Natural Assets
  • Managing Biosecurity
  • Educating and Collaborating

The Strategy has identified objectives and actions that will be delivered over the ten year lifespan of the document by Council and its partners.  The overarching target of the Strategy is to increase the cover of native box gum woodland within the local government area by 10% (1,900ha) by 2030.

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