Corporate Net Zero 2040 Strategy

Council has adopted a corporate net zero emissions target by 2040.

The term 'net zero' refers to the balancing of greenhouse gas emissions with actions that remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. The first step should always be to minimise greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally a target has been set for the Wagga Wagga community to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Several projects have been implemented to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Council business and across community assets that Council maintains. Projects have also commenced on how our community can adapt to a changing climate. These include:

  • Implementation of a combined food organics and garden organics waste service
  • Installation of rooftop solar on Council’s Civic Centre and the Livestock Marketing Centre
  • Upgrade to energy efficient LED lights in Council buildings
  • Upgrade of street lighting to energy efficient LED lights
  • Purchase of an electric vehicle as part of Council’s vehicle fleet
  • Development of the ‘Adaptation Action Plans for Priority Infrastructure and Vulnerable Communities’ through Local Government NSW’s ‘Building Resilience to Climate Change’ program
  • Partnering with Wagga Wagga Urban Landcare to trial the planting of climate adapted species
  • Developing an urban canopy cover and heat map strategy
  • Delivering the 'One tree for me' campaign to increase vegetation cover

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Wagga Wagga City Council and Climate Change

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Climate Change