Community Safety Action Plan 2022-2026

The Community Safety Action Plan 2022-2026 outlines the strategies and actions for the next four years to increase safety, reduce crime where possible and work toward building a safe and vibrant city for the future.

About the Plan

The Community Safety Action Plan (CSAP) 2026 follows on from the success of its predecessor The Crime Prevention Plan (CPP) 2021. The Community Safety Action Plan 2026 however, sees a departure from solely focusing on crime prevention with movement toward a broader community safety focus, with the understanding that everyone has a role to play in keeping their community safe. Due to this, it was imperative that the updated plan embodied a strong community voice.

It has been developed after extensive engagement with community members from a diverse range of backgrounds to ensure it is reflective of the many different voices that make up our community. Consultation was also conducted with key community services and stakeholders that play a role in keeping Wagga safe. These include but are not limited to Wagga Wagga Local Police Service, Department of Communities and Justice, Department of Housing, Department of Community Corrections, NSW Health, Wagga Wagga Cooperative Legal Service Delivery Network, Wagga Women's Health and representatives from Wagga Wagga Neighbourhood Watch.

Three main priority areas emerged and are the focus for the Community Safety Action Plan 2022-2026:

  1. Safe homes and neighbourhoods
  2. Safe and respectful relationships and
  3. Safer Cities

Family Community Safety Day

Wagga Wagga City Council, in collaboration with Police from the Wagga Wagga Local Area Command, are inviting locals to come along to the Riverside Park Precinct for our second Family Community Safety Day for 2023.

The family friendly event is being held adjacent to the Riverside Playground area near Wagga Beach once again between 10am and 12pm on Saturday 9 December 2023.

Previous Plans

Wagga Wagga City Council is committed to developing a liveable city which is safe, thriving, connected, innovative and inclusive.

The Wagga Wagga Crime Prevention plan provides a roadmap forward for key agencies and council to work together to prevent crime and increase community safety.

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