The Wagga Wagga City Council Cultural Plan 2020-30 is a blueprint for a creative city that puts arts and culture at the heart of a thriving, innovative, connected and inclusive community.

Wagga Wagga’s future is an exciting one, full of changes and challenges. Our population is set to reach 100,000, while unprecedented investment in industry, agriculture and communications transform our region.

This new growth brings new opportunities: new cultural facilities, a more expansive program of arts and events, and opportunities for a thriving creative sector to spread innovation throughout our community. Digital disruption, growing demands on existing facilities and services, and increasing diversity can all be harnessed to the community’s advantage if we are ready for them.

This Plan is for all of us. It responds to our community’s expressed needs right now and their hopes for a brighter future. It is intended to benefit residents and visitors, bringing new opportunities for economic development, city vibrancy, personal expression and neighbourhood connectiveness.

In this Plan, you’ll find projects and programs for every part of our lives:

  • the festivals, celebrations and events we attend,
  • the galleries, museums, theatres and libraries that we visit and explore,
  • the community groups, clubs and societies that educate, entertain and connect us,
  • the vibrancy and liveability of our city, including entertainment and live music day and night,
  • opportunities for creative workers and businesses, and
  • the collections, histories and stories that set our community apart.

This Plan is a vision for a city constantly growing in population, diversity and ambition. It brings together ideas and proposals from thousands of residents, arts and culture groups and creative business people, all gathered through an extensive consultation process. It’s a Plan that will channel the efforts of many players – our community arts groups, our libraries, galleries and museums, our education institutions, and more – towards the common goal of making the Wagga Wagga Local Government Area an even better place to live, work and create.

To download this the Wagga Wagga City Council - Cultural Plan 2020 - 2030 (9MB), click the download arrow in the top left corner.