Minor Works

Minor Works to Heritage Items and Items Within the Wagga Wagga Conservation Area

Under Clause 5.10(2) of the Wagga Wagga Local Environmental Plan 2010 development consent is required for the demolition, movement, or alteration of the exterior (including, in the case of a building , making changes to its detail, fabric, finish or appearance) of a heritage item or a building, work, relic or tree within a heritage conservation area.

However, Clause 5.10(3) permits some minor works to be undertaken without the requirement of development consent if:

  1. the applicant has notified the consent authority of the proposed development and the consent authority has advised the applicant in writing before any work is carried out that it is satisfied that the proposed development:
    1. is of minor nature or is for the maintenance of the heritage item, or a building, work, relic, tree or place within the conservation area, an
    2. would not adversely affect the heritage significance of the heritage item or heritage conservation area.

What works are considered minor?

Works listed below are considered to be minor works subject to the provisions of Clause 5.10 of the Wagga Wagga Local Environmental Plan 2010:

  • Replacement of building elements on a "like for like" basis
  • Repairs and maintenance of buildings
  • Works that are not visible from a public place and would otherwise be Exempt Development under the provisions of an Environmental Planning Instrument
  • Reinstatement of original building features of dwellings within the conservation area
  • Any other proposal, which may include written advice from Council's heritage advisor, that the responsible officer considers is unlikely to adversely affect the significance of the heritage item or conservation area

All applications for consideration pursuant to this process must be made on Council's Minor Works Application Form (PDF, 98.7 KB)