We do Respect is a campaign designed to empower individuals, to speak up when they see or hear disrespectful and inappropriate behaviour.

We do Respect is a community campaign designed to empower individuals, to speak up when they see or hear disrespectful and inappropriate behaviour - at work, at home and in social settings.

The campaign aims to increase bystander actions in our community, by providing a safe response for individuals when they hear disrespectful comments or statements.

We all have a role to play in creating an inclusive and equitable Wagga Wagga for all. It's about challenging casual sexism, gender stereotypes and acts of disrespect - speak up and say "In our city, We do Respect".

Ambassador video

Supporting videos

To support you in utilising We do Respect, we have developed an additional four videos to assist you in having conversations with people around you.

Whether you're a sporting club, a workplace, an after-school program or a group of friends, there is something everyone can be doing to be active bystanders in the community.

The ambassadors speak from their experience and provide practical tips on how you can take action in your own way.

Community ambassadors

Alan Tongue, NRL Ambassador

"It's important we talk about respect. We all have a role to play in speaking up, and we all have an example to show.

Kelly Meddings, Cricket NSW

"At Cricket NSW we are committed to ensuring our players are respectful on and off the field, no matter what level they play at or what gender they are."

Dave Barnhill, William Farrer Hotel

"As a community we all have a role to play. In the pub, out with our mates or in our homes -  it starts with respect."

Shirleen Everett, 3 Dutchies cafe

"We all lead and manage busy lives, but if we can teach our young people about respect and continually display it in our community to others, then I think we'll be on the right path to a more equal future."

Phill Malligan, Riverina Police District

"NSW Police provides a workplace of acceptance, inclusiveness and simply treating everyone the same, regardless of their gender or sexuality."

William Beggs, The Riverina Anglican College

"As a school ambassador, I know it's my responsibility to speak up when I see or hear disrespectful and inappropriate behaviour."

Richard Pottie, Ladex Construction

"Ladex Construction is dedicated to empowering and supporting women in the construction industry. Having a business that's gender diverse benefits everyone and creates a collaborative culture."

Colonel Jim Hammett and Lieutenant Kassanadra Hutchison

"We strive to represent the values of Kapooka and uphold respect for each other and the community, in our training and in our work."

Jandamarra, Will, Malcolm and Lachlan

"Respect is something we should all be doing and showing everyday, to our teachers, mates and families. It's about doing our bit for the whole community."

Danielle Wait, Flywheel Consulting

"To make meaningful change within organisations and businesses, we need to have supported structures and processes for both genders."

Harriet Elleman, ACT Brumbies

"I think it's important as a woman in sport to recognise that we don't always get the same opportunities, but it is increasing. We need to show young females that they can play any sport and there shouldn't be any barriers."

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Facebook examples

We do Respect is a local campaign, highlighting bystander actions we can undertake - in the workplace, at home, and in the community. If you see or hear inappropriate or disrespectful behaviour speak up, and say #WedoRespect to create a more respectful and inclusive Wagga Wagga. Find out more: www.wagga.nsw.gov.au/wedorespect

No matter the setting we can all be active bystanders in our community. In Wagga Wagga know how to safely speak up when you see or hear disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour and say, "In our city, We do Respect". @waggacouncil

Tweet examples

We all have a role to play in creating an inclusive and equitable Wagga Wagga for all. Challenge casual sexism, gender stereotypes and acts of disrespect - speak up and say #WedoRespect. @waggacouncil

It might be difficult to call out a friend, colleague, or a stranger but the more we do it, the more we set a standard that disrespect shouldn’t be tolerated or ignored. In Wagga Wagga #WedoRespect.

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