Resources & Sector Collaboration

The project collaborated with businesses, organisations, educational institutions and sporting clubs across Wagga Wagga. Resources were developed for the community to access and use.


theDVproject:2650 - Closeout Report

Equity & Respect Workplace Toolkit 2021

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Community Attitudes to Domestic Violence

Wagga Women’s Health Centre conducted a survey in 2016 to assess the community’s knowledge and attitudes towards domestic violence and gender roles. The findings were concerning, with results showing many members of the community held low support for gender equality, adhered to rigid or stereotypical gender roles and held attitudes and beliefs that justify, excuse, trivialize or minimize domestic and family violence.

In 2021 Wagga Wagga City Council asked the community the same questions.

Survey Summary

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Survey full results

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Inclusive language guide

The Equity team has developed an inclusive language style guide to ensure all Council documents use gender neutral and inclusive language to create a respectable and equitable community.

Gendered/Inclusive Language Guide 292.4 KB Download

LGPro Gender Equity Policy - March 2020

LGPro is the peak voice for the Council Sector and is fully supportive of a focus on gender equity and the opportunity it provides the sector to look at ways of addressing issues such as the gender pay gap, workplace harassment and gender equality across all levels of the workforce. The Gender Equity Policy is a framework, which will help us plan and action our commitment to gender equity.

LGPro Gender Equity Policy March 2020 225.7 KB Download

Supporting gender equity in the workplace

This tool shares insights on supporting gender equity in the workplace. It forms part of a suite of tools developed from the experiences of Monash City Council and Link Health and Community in their journey to create and support gender equity and prevent violence against women as part of the Generating Equality and Respect program.

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New laws to protect victims of domestic violence - Factsheet

The NSW Government has changed the law to protect and support victims of domestic violence (DV) better. The changes strengthen NSW’s Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) regime and make it easier to recognise and punish offenders who strangle their intimate partners.

Protecting Victims of DFV Fact Sheet 35.1 KB Download

Charles Sturt to deliver unconscious bias and inclusivity training to Wagga Wagga City Council

Charles Sturt University provided training to Wagga Wagga City Council as part of the University’s efforts to create an inclusive community, starting with major workforces in the city. Unconscious bias and inclusivity training was delivered to Wagga Wagga City Council managers and executive team in November 2019 and is part of the University’s Workplace Gender Equity Strategy 2018-2022.

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Patriarchy and power: how socialisation underpins abusive behaviour

Hear from investigative journalist and author Jess Hill on coercive control and her recommendations on how we can improve this in Australia.

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Record funding to reduce domestic violence

The Morrison Government's is committing $328 million for prevention and frontline services through the Fourth Action Plan of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022.

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Job Decoder

Without realising it, we all use language that is subtly ‘gender-coded’. Think about “bossy” and “feisty”: we almost never use these words to describe men. This site is a quick way to check whether a job advert has the kind of subtle linguistic gender-coding that has a discouraging effect.

Gender workplace statistics at a glance

The Workplace Gender Equity Agency has put together a fact sheet outlining workplace statistics from 2019-20. The fcat sheet covers: workforce participation, economic security, educational attainment, paid parental leave and women in leadership.

Reporting violence against women

Evidence-based media reporting on violence against women and their children can help readers, listeners and viewers understand how widespread it is, who is affected, what drives it and how it can be prevented.

Change the Story - OurWatch

Change the story is OurWatch's national framework for a consistent and integrated approach to preventing violence against women and their children in Australia.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse

The Department of Communities and Justice wants to ensure no-one is disadvantaged because they do not speak English or have difficulty speaking English or because of their cultural or religious background. Translated information in many languages is listed on their website.

Domestic violence programs, services and resources

Domestic and family violence services contact list, support programs, helpful resources, apps, factsheets, and information in different languages.

Unpacking the Gendered Drivers

These tip sheets have been designed to convey the complexity of what drives violence against women in an easy-to-understand resource. They are a great accompaniment for primary prevention practitioners to use in any setting.

Enlighten for Equity

Enlighten for Equity brought together creativity and education in a youth-based project, working with primary and high school students from public and private schools across Wagga Wagga.

Stage three primary school students developed posters, which reflected their understanding of what equity and respect means to them and the greater Wagga Wagga community.

Design and technology high school students then created 3D mock-ups, using the concepts and ideas from the primary school student’s posters, to construct an interactive installation piece for placement at the re-developed Riverside Precinct.

Learn more about the project:

Enlighten for Equity

Southern Sports Academy

As part of theDVproject:2650 engaging with different sectors and industries is incredibly important to create change across the community. We are working with organisations, businesses, clubs and community groups in Wagga to develop prevention focused resources.

Wagga Wagga City Council partnered with the Southern Sports Academy (SSA) to develop a suite of eLearning modules for their young athletes, focusing on importance of respectful relationships and gender equality in sport.

The suite of eLearning modules were developed to educate the young athletes about respectful relationships, challenging set gender stereotypes and norms and teach them about safe bystander actions they could undertake.

Mark Calverley and Maryna Bilousova at Southern Sports Academy

Wagga Wagga Business Chamber

Wagga Wagga has a strong business community across many sectors, which benefit the city’s future as a vibrant and growing regional centre.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) seals a two-year agreement between the Wagga Wagga City Council and the Wagga Business Chamber to engage local business and identify opportunities for the city’s economic development.

The MOU will enable a development of partnerships and an opportunity to promote activities of theDVproject:2650 to the wider community. The Equity team will continue to engage with the business chamber to promote the project and seek opportunities for further partnerships.

It is important to have messages of equity and respect weaved into all areas of our community, and business leaders in small, median and large enterprises all have a role to play.