Equity and respect are two principles of life that are often overlooked. It was only while designing this piece that we found the true meaning of these words; safety, fairness, admiration, acceptance and the wellbeing of everyone.

It was important to us to design our work around these words. We decided to eradicate any instance of stereotypes of the figures portrayed. By making the figures non binary we believe we were able to succeed in that aspect; equal but different. Along with this, the figures hold hands and are level to each other which illustrates the ideal that no one is of lesser value. Even though society doesn’t always demonstrate this ideal.

We also decided to represent all of society using the globe as our canvas, in hopes of showing how close we actually are as a race.

In the process we learnt more about the world and how unfair it can be. We hope that this piece will show that we are no better than our neighbours. We need to acknowledge and accept our differences.

After much time and dedication, hard work powered by our desire to convey the true meaning of these words at a simple glimpse: we are proud that our piece is being showcased here in our hometown with such a positive message behind it.