End of Trip Cycling Facilities - Application Form

You can apply for an end of trip facility access pass using this form.

Please read the terms and conditions before completing this form.


Terms used here have these meanings:

  • Access card means the card which is issued or programmed to enable access to the bike storage (end of trip facilities) at the Oasis and Visitor Information Centre. Shower and toilet access at the Visitor Information Centre only.
  • Applicant means a person who has sought but who has not been granted access to end of trip facilities.
  • Building means the end of trip facility at the Wagga Wagga Visitor Information Centre and the Oasis Aquatic Centre.
  • End of trip facilities (the facilities) means any:
    • bicycle parking facility at the Oasis and Visitor Information Centre
    • shower facility (Visitors Centre only)
    • change room facility (Visitors Centre only)
    • bike locker facility at the Oasis and Visitor Information Centre
  • User (you) means the person who is approved access.

Eligibility criteria

  1. The minimum eligibility criteria for facility access:
    • applicant has completed and submitted the application for use of end of trip facilities form
    • applicant has presented suitable photo identification to Council staff
    • applicant has paid the relevant fee ($5 for a new card and $10 for a replacement card) upon collection of access card
    • applicant has not previously had access to an end of trip facility terminated for breach of these terms and conditions.

Use of end of trip facilities

  1. The access card is issued in accordance with these terms and conditions and the application for use of end of trip facilities form.
  2. The access card may be used to enter/exit the facilities from the date on which it is issued, until the card is surrendered, or access is otherwise terminated by Wagga Wagga City Council.
  3. The access card must not be given to or used by any person other than the user.
  4. Entry to the facilities is restricted to those with an access card. You must not attempt to follow another person into the facilities without swiping your access card.
  5. You must only enter and exit the facilities using the designated access paths and points.
  6. Subject to clause 8, the access card may be used for access to the facilities 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
  7. You agree to produce your access card and identification upon official request from an authorised Council officer.
  8. You must ensure you do not access and use the facilities in a way which would or may:
    • damage the facilities, any other part of the building where the facilities are located, or any personal or other property located in the facilities
    • place the safety of yourself, any other user at risk
    • place the security of the facilities, property in the facilities or building where the facilities are located, at risk.
  9. Please notify us if you no longer wish to use the facilities and surrender your access card at the relevant building.
  10. If you lose your access card, you must report it to the relevant building as soon as possible. A $10 (GST exclusive) charge applies for the replacement of an access card.

Termination of access

Your access to the facilities will terminate automatically and without prior notice if you fail to comply with any of these terms and conditions.

Uncollected property

  1. If you do not collect your property after more than 72 hours, you authorise us to remove your personal belongings from the facilities (including, where necessary, cutting any padlock, lock or chain securing those belongings).
  2. We will store any removed personal belongings for 28 days. If you do not claim the property in that time, you authorise us to dispose of those belongings at our discretion.


  1. The shared areas of the facility are under 24-hour CCTV surveillance.
  2. You authorise us to open and inspect any locker including, where necessary, cutting any padlock owned by you.
  3. The use of the facilities is solely at your own risk. You will have no claim against Wagga Wagga City Council or its employees for any loss, theft or damage to property or personal injury or loss of life directly or indirectly related to the use of the facilities by you or any other person(s) authorised to use the facilities.
  4. You indemnify Wagga Wagga City Council and its employees against any claim which may be brought against or made upon or incurred by them, whether directly or indirectly, related to the use of the facilities by you or any other person(s) authorised to use the facilities. This indemnity shall not apply to the extent such claims arise out of the negligence or wilful misconduct of Wagga Wagga City Council and its employees or agents.
  5. You must promptly notify us of any changes to the user’s contact information notified in the application form.
  6. You must promptly respond to all requests for information from us about your access to the facilities.
  7. You must promptly notify any lost property, damage to the facilities or maintenance issues by contacting Wagga Wagga City Council on 1300 292 442.

Guidelines for use of bicycle parking

  1. You are not allocated individual bicycle racks. You must not leave locks or chains on bicycle racks when not in use.
  2. It is recommended that your bicycle is securely locked. You are responsible for providing your own locks and chains.
  3. Bicycles must be placed on the rack only and not left freely around the facility.
  4. Please follow appropriate manual handling procedures when placing your bicycle on the rack.
  5. Please be considerate of other users when parking your bicycle or scooter in this facility.
  6. Ensure the bicycle storage facility door is closed upon exiting.
  7. Bicycle lockers are to be used for storing bicycles only.

Guidelines for use of change rooms

(Visitor Information Centre only. Change rooms facilities at the Oasis site are available inside the Aquatic Centre for a small fee)

  1. You must access the change room using the access card supplied on approval.
  2. Please be considerate of other users when using this facility.
  3. You are to ensure the change room is left clean and tidy after use.
  4. Ensure the change room entry/exit door is always left closed.
  5. Personal belongings and clothing are not to be stored in the facilities.
  6. Bicycles are not to be taken into change room.
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