Traffic & Transport

Council's Traffic division provides governance and specialist advice in the area of traffic and transport for the City of Wagga Wagga and is comprised of two Traffic Officers.

The broad function of the section includes:

Facilitating and chairing the Local Traffic Committee. This committee is primarily a technical review committee which is required to advise the council on matters related to prescribed traffic control devices and traffic control facilities for which council has delegated authority.

Traffic management and support to local on-road events. Assist organisers of events that impact on traffic and the road network in relation to application procedure, traffic management plans and co-ordination. Examples include Anzac Day parade, cycling events and festivals. The process for approval to hold an event on a public road is complex but Traffic Officers can assist applicants with all traffic related aspects in completing their application. Download the Wagga Wagga City Council Information Guide to Applicants for the Management of Traffic for Special Events (PDF, 285.6 KB) for comprehensive advice and information to plan and apply for your event.

Provide first point-of-call for customers who seek Council's involvement in traffic or transport related issues. Investigate, report and make recommendations to the Local Traffic Committee in relation to current and proposed traffic facilities and regulatory devices.

Delegated road managers under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), with responsibility for decision-making regarding heavy vehicle access to the local road network. Local government is recognised in legislation as being the consent authority for access to restricted access vehicles on their roads, and the conditions under which they will operate. The HVNL requires local government to formally consent to operation on their roads before a permit can be issued.

The Traffic division can be contacted through the main Council contact number, 1300 292 442 or by email at