Wagga Wagga City Library Review 2020-2038

The Wagga Wagga City Library Review 2020-2038, adopted by Council in January 2021, is a companion document to the Wagga Wagga City Council Cultural Plan 2020-30.

As detailed in Council’s Cultural Plan 2020 – 2030, a Wagga Wagga City Library review has been undertaken, Action 1.02 Improve the Wagga Wagga City Library service:

“The Wagga Wagga City Library is the busiest cultural facility in the city, with around 200,000 visitors, and the delivery of 350 programs that see more than 16,000 people participating in Library programs annually. The current Civic Centre location is twenty years old and despite minor refurbishments the current configuration struggles to meet increasing community demand. With only one meeting room, and a footprint dominated by bookshelves, the library’s present configuration fails to meet the present needs of users and is inadequate to accommodate expected growth. According to State Library NSW Library Facility standards, the present floorspace of the library is barely half the recommended size required to service Wagga Wagga’s current population. To effectively service a population of 100,000 people [by 2038], the Library would need to expand from its present 1600 square metre facility to more than4000 square metres of library space. A review in 2019 will inform future infrastructure planning and development for the Library service, based on quality data and best practice library services”.

This report is a response to the needs and aspirations expressed by the community and stakeholders now and into the future. It is intended to: expand library services to make them more accessible across suburbs and villages; and to bring opportunities for lifelong learning, co-creation and engagement through access to collections, spaces and experiences for personal expression, social inclusion and stronger neighbourhood connections.

In this Library Review you’ll find a 3 - Phased Plan:

  • 2020-2022
    • Phase 1 – to expand existing library spaces to create more learning and meeting spaces across both levels of the library.
    • Phase 1 – expand digital training and virtual programs (Tech Savvy Communities commenced in December 2020), introduce Sunday opening Hours (commenced in September 2020), Review the RRL Deed of Agreement; and Investigate the Agile Library concept to deliver outreach services across the LGA.
  • 2022- 2025
    • Phase 2 - explore the expansion of services to Council owned spaces e.g. Glenfield Community Centre and Ngurra Hub in Ashmont; investigate a 24/7 kiosk/pod; and proactively seek funding and partnership opportunities.
    • Phase 2 – implement the Agile Library outreach to suburbs and villages across the Wagga Wagga LGA.
  • 2025-2038
    • Phase 3 – assess the City’s need for library services in line with population growth; consider strategic needs analysis for any future branch library; and investigate and implement Spatial planning recommendations
    • Phase 3 – Implement a Library of Things (borrow tools, instruments…) based on community consultation and identification of partners and suitable funding; and expand lifelong learning programs onsite, outreach and virtual delivery options.

Wagga Wagga City Library supports a community that is thriving, innovative, connected and inclusive. It offers safe and inclusive spaces in which social, economic, generational and geographic boundaries are diffused. The report is the basis for an expanded library service that will continue to support city growth, cultural vitality and liveability.

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