Development Control Plan (DCP)

The development control plan is a non-legal document that supports the local environmental plan with more detailed planning and design guidelines.

The DCP defines and articulates the specific standards needed for residential, business and commercial areas in terms of accessibility, environmental performance, building form and design as well as character.

For development where Wagga Wagga City Council is the consent authority, the following DCPs apply, available for download below:

Full Development Control Plan 2010

Due to the size of the document, the full Wagga Wagga Development Control Plan 2010 is not available for download from Council's website. If you require a full copy of the DCP, Council can provide you with one on disk as per the fee identified in Council's fees and charges . Please contact Council's Customer Service team on 1300 292 442 to arrange payment.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 506.0 KB Download

Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms 592.6 KB Download

Part A

Section 1 - General 1023.9 KB Download

Part B

Section 2 - Controls that apply to all development 719.8 KB Download

Section 3 - Heritage Conservation 1.8 MB Download

Section 4 - Environmental Hazards and Management 718.6 KB Download

Section 5 - Natural Resource and Landscape Management 737.0 KB Download

Part C

Section 6 - Villages 2.3 MB Download

Collingullie Urban Design Report - June 2021 12.1 MB Download

Part D

Section 7 - Subdivision 688.1 KB Download

Section 8 - Rural Development 672.7 KB Download

Section 9 - Residential Development 5.0 MB Download

Section 10 - Business Development 2.8 MB Download

Section 11 - Industrial Development 1.1 MB Download

Section 12 - Specific Uses and Developments 3.5 MB Download

Part E

Section 13 - Bomen Urban Release Area - Superseded by Bomen Special Activation Precinct Delivery Plan

Section 14 - Boorooma Urban Release Area 3.6 MB Download

Section 15 - Lloyd Urban Release Area 3.8 MB Download

Section 16 - Gobbagombalin Urban Release Area 873.9 KB Download