Mobile Food Vendors

Mobile Food Vendors in Wagga Wagga

You may see them at the beach, on your way to work, or even at a street party - Wagga's mobile food vendors are out and about to make your favourite places more vibrant and enjoyable. If you'd like to find out more you can contact Council or the vendor directly.

Following is a list vendors approved to operate on Council land within the Wagga Wagga local government area (in alphabetical order):

3 Dutchies Facebook
By The BidgeFacebook
Craig's Coffee Hut Facebook
Dippin' Dots Facebook
Hanger ManagementFacebook
Little Latte Coffee VanFacebook
Piggy's Ice Cream VanFacebook
Roundabout Roasts Website
Shepherd's Hub Facebook
Simply Great Coffee Facebook
Simply K8teringFacebook
Tarcutta Truck Interchange Facebook
The Black Crow Facebook
The Raven & Unicorn Website
Wagga's Woodfired Wagon Website
Woolshed Farms Facebook

Information for Mobile Food Vendors

One way to encourage people to meet and the community to thrive is to further activate the city’s public spaces with expanded access to food outlets. The Mobile Food Vendors - Trading in Public Places (POL 062) policy has been developed to guide mobile food vendor activity. It seeks to be well balanced by facilitating mobile food vendor operations while protecting public health, safe-guarding local business proprietor interests and maintaining community welfare in public spaces.

What is a mobile food vending vehicle?

A mobile food vending vehicle is a registered vehicle under the Road Transport Act 2013 such as trucks and vans and used for the sale of food and drinks. Carts and other objects are not applicable.

Council land use

Mobile food vending vehicles are permitted to trade on Council owned streets and carparks. However, trade will not be permitted within 200 metres of a food and drink premise or boundary of an event licensed or approved to occur on Council land (this includes sporting group canteens).The 200 metre restriction zone also applies to the entire length of the Baylis Street and Fitzmaurice Street corridor.

Other restricted locations include the Riverside Precinct, Botanic Garden Precinct and Tarcutta Truck Interchange.

Event permits will be issued separately.

General requirements

All food vending vehicles must:

  • Be a registered mobile food vehicle with Wagga Wagga City Council issued under the LGA - Food Business Registration Form
  • Hold a current and valid permit to operate a Mobile Food Van on Council grounds.
  • Operate only within the hours of 6:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Not sell alcohol, cigarettes or other non-food products
  • Carry valid insurance policies

Food Trucks

Are defined as vehicles used for the purpose of on-site preparation and sale of hot and cold food (considered medium and high risk).

Food trucks must:

  • Be located within existing lawful parking spaces
  • Comply with the local parking restrictions
  • Only stand in any one operating location for a maximum period of four hours at a time, inclusive of set-up and pack-up times
  • Wait four hours before returning to within 200 metres of the same operating location
  • Comply with relevant road rules

Food trucks must not:

  • Operate within 200 metres of a food and drink premise or boundary of an event licensed or approved to occur on Council land (this includes sporting group canteens)
  • Sell to any person that is standing on a roadway (restriction includes carparks and other areas where customers could be standing in active vehicle pathways)
  • Be within 5 metres of an intersection when making a sale, or attempting to make a sale
  • Impact on bicycle lanes, pedestrian ramps, footpaths, public street furniture, fire hydrants, telephone booths and post boxes, or the like
  • Be longer than 7.5m unless a separate Road Occupancy Permit is sought
  • Receive deliveries while in operation
  • Remain in any public, on-road location overnight
  • Provide tables or chairs, or other seating or furniture

Documents and Resources

Temporary Food Stalls

Mobile Food Vendors - Trading in Public Places POL 062 261.6 KB Download

WWCC Fact Sheet 102.7 KB Download


Failure to comply with the above restrictions may result in a vendor’s temporary or permanent loss of their mobile food vehicle permit.

For questions related to the mobile food vendor, please contact Sue Hanrahan 02 6926 9129 or