Artist: Will Maguire
Installed: 2016
Materials: Forged steel and sandstone
Location: Sydney Street, Tarcutta

About the Artwork

As kids we all stood at the side of the road and franticly lifted our arm up and down in the hope a passing truckie would give us a friendly honk of his big horn. When they did, it made us laugh and smile and gave the truckie a grin too.

This action known as the ‘air horn arm pull’ is now immortalised by three children forged in steel and recognises the important role the transport industry has played in the history and development of Tarcutta. The sculpture evokes memories of the past in adults and will be the catalyst for future arm horns in coming generations. Arm Horn recognises history as a progression of change, memories and actions.

Tarcutta’s Arm Horn children signalling to passing truckies also pays testament to kids’ delightful sense of fun and ability to be entertained by little more than a passing vehicle.

Embrace your inner kid and get up there and give a grin to a passing truckie.

Will Maguire completed his blacksmith and boiler maker qualification in 2006, spending much of the following years as a journeyman overseas working, learning and collaborating with some of the best smiths in the England, USA, Canada, Russia, Europe, Ukraine and Japan.

Since 2009 Maguire has run a workshop making and designing bespoke items specialising in architectural ironwork, public art, sculpture and individual commissions. Maguire exhibited at Bondi’s Sculpture by the Sea in 2014, completed the 5 tonne Steelworkers Memorial in Newcastle in 2015 as well as Wagga Wagga City Council’s North Wagga Pontoon in 2017.