Bend and Stretch
Will Maguire | 2020
Forged and fabricated steel paint
Multi-Purpose Stadium, Equex Centre, Wagga Wagga

About The Artwork

Bend and Stretch reference active sporting movement celebrating the positive impact of sport and social enteraction. It consists of three abstracted lithe forms suspended in the air. They twist and straing in graceful competitive fervous showing energy and tension setting the scene as we approach and depart this new sporting venue.

The form aims to challenge the viewer through overcoming the initial stark form to see the graceful essence held within. Through a shift of view each figure can be visualised as facing either up or down; forward or back thus bringing dynamism and imaginative potential to each figure.

This work is made through a combination of hot forging alloy steels and fabrication techniques so as to produce the desired combination of strength, delicacy and balance something which locals and visitors to Wagga Wagga can enjoy for many years to come.