Artist: Chris Edwards
Title: Symbolism
Installed: 2015
Materials: Corten steel
Location: Birramal Conservation Area, Lloyd

Symbols and designs were used by Aboriginal people to determine reference points, landmarks and significant places to find food and water for their tribe and to educate future generations. Aboriginal people located these important resources by using directional guidance.

Symbolism was designed by artist Chris Edwards to evoke the importance of symbols in the Australian landscape for Wiradjuri people. Each sculpture piece is made up of steel structures, each in the shape of a scar from a White Box gum tree, found in these Birramal Woodlands.

Each of the symbols used in this work were selected by the Wiradjuri community through workshops and idea sourcing. Mount Austin High School Clontarf Academy helped create the art works for Symbolism. Clontarf Academy is a school based program for Aboriginal boys that encourages positive attitudes towards health, education and employment.

When you stand in front of the symbols and look into the distance, you can see a reference point significant to Wiradjuri people from this area. They were selected as symbols and stories the Wiradjuri community wanted to share with all who visit Wagga Wagga and walk on the Wiradjuri Walking Track.