Artist: Susan Milne & Greg Stonehouse
Title: Flight
Installed: 2015
Materials: Mild steel, stainless steel, transit F281 mesh, LED lighting
Location: Wagga Wagga Airport, Don Kendell Drive

Flight projects a section of the Murrumbidgee River as a ribbon along Don Kendell Drive. Tracing a section of the river, this sinuous river is punctuated by the gradual take off of abstract wings. These elements are made of skeletal arms suspended with a flexible stainless steel mesh, which moves in the wind. The rhythm of these wings echoes not only the flap of wings but the ripple of wind across the surface of the river.

The river ribbon is painted a strong blue colour while the wings will are reflective metal mesh surface. At night, the artwork is lit by coloured LED lights, transforming the work. The artwork cut stainless steel text on the tail of the ribbon were developed by Wagga Wagga Writers Writers from the Booranga Writers’ Centre, Charles Sturt University, and endorsed by Councillors – Horizons Made Wide in the Country.

Susan Milne & Greg Stonehouse have been working as public artists for more than twenty years.