In This Together
Alex Sugar | 2023
Paint and aerosol
Humula Bush Fire Brigade Shed

About The Artwork

Artist Alex Sugar was selected by Council and the Humula community for his design that honours the spirit of Humula and the Bush Fire Brigade Shed. The artwork highlights the important relationship between Humula’s community, the incredible service of local volunteer firefighters, and the rich natural environment.

The mural features a NSW Royal Fire Service (RFS) volunteer carrying a joey away from a bushfire, beautiful king parrots soaring through the sky away from danger, and ‘Elvis’ the NSW RFS helicopter which has been so integral to fighting major bushfires in the area over the years.

Alex Sugar is a Melbourne-based realism painter well-known for his large-scale murals and studio works depicting native Australian flora and fauna. To date, his mural work can be found across Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Paris, Berlin, London and Barcelona. He has been featured in numerous group exhibitions, and has successfully sold out a number of solo shows.