Untitled Mural by Adele Packer

Artist: Adele Packer
Title: Untitled
Installed: 2017
Materials: Graphic Vinyl
Location: Ladysmith amenity block, Humula Street, Ladysmith NSW

Adele Packer has created a large scale collage that was created in collaboration with the Ladysmith community through workshops at Ladysmith Public School.

The 12 individual collages contain historical imagery from the region, which was collected via various community members, the Local Studies Collection at the Wagga Wagga City Library and Charles Sturt University Regional Community Archives. These collages highlight important landmarks and people significant to the Ladysmith community, such as the Memorial Hall, General Store and the Chapman family (who run the local bus service). A fusion of these historical photographs and other imagery create nostalgic windows looking into the past.

Adele would like to thank everyone who helped with sourcing imagery for the artworks especially the Ladysmith locals. Also special thanks to Ladysmith Public School for their hospitality during her time there.

About Adele Packer

Adele Packer is an artist based in Wagga Wagga, NSW, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (Design/Photography) from Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga in 2013. Adele's practice involves a combination of fields including graphic design, illustration, type/lettering, zine making, photography and collage. Adele was a recipient of the 2016 Young Regional Artist Scholarship through Arts NSW and is regularly involved in workshops and public programs throughout the Riverina.