Tom Buckland | 2024
Sculptural installation; cardboard, newspaper, steel and irrigation tube
Wollundry Lagoon Cultural Precinct, Wagga Wagga
24 May - 14 June 2024

About the Artwork

Flock is a collection of six larger-than-life and delightfully whimsical birds inspired by the diverse birdlife found in the Wagga Wagga area. Drawing inspiration from the local ecosystem, these freestanding birds stand at five to six feet tall and are created with recycled materials. A diverse collection of  local birdlife is represented, some that you would see every day and others that were once found around the lagoon; the magpie, yellow rosella, cockatoo, galah, spoonbill and brolga.

These quirky and unique birds are designed to bring life and cheer to the Wollundry Lagoon Cultural Precinct during the LGNSW Destination and Visitor Economy Conference, hosted at the Wagga Wagga Civic Theatre 28-30 May and the Wagga Comedy Fest 6-10 June. In addition to adding a touch of wonder, playfulness and imagination to the space, the artwork serves as a means to highlight the distinctive characteristics of the local natural environment.  By utilising recycled materials, the project aims to promote environmental consciousness and the reuse of resources.

About the artist

Tom Buckland is an artist who deals in a correspondence of worlds. By examining the present and the past, they construct portals to alternate futures yet to be explored. Working with recycled materials such as cardboard and salvaged electronics, Buckland creates playful, interactive and experimental installation, video and performance work that invites the audience to embark on a journey of discovery, transporting them to other dimensions across space and time provoking introspection about their own existence and the world they inhabit.

In 2015, Buckland earned a BVA (Hons) from the ANU School of Art, supported by the prestigious John and Elizabeth Baker Honours scholarship and the Canberra Contemporary Art Space graduate award. Their work has graced galleries and collections both nationally and internationally, and in 2021, they were honored with the Sculpture by the Sea Clitheroe Foundation emerging artist mentorship. Currently, Buckland is based in Ngunawal/Canberra.


Photos by: Jack of Hearts Studio