Cemetery Record Search

The Cemetery Mapping Portal is a tool which may assist you to find your deceased relatives within the cemetery via various search capabilities and overall maps.

The portal is a component of the more expansive Wagga Wagga City Council’s online mapping system and is compiled from various databases and maps.

If you intend to rely on any information provided by Council, you should submit written enquiries to the Council for that information.


In addition to the portal, there are links to maps below. The maps show surrounding streets, a sectional view of the cemetery with inner-cemetery-roads shows to allow users to find parking close to the grave.

Monumental Cemetery Map 222.8 KB Download

Lawn Cemetery Map 464.8 KB Download

Crematorium Gardens Map 202.4 KB Download

Cemetery Mapping Portal User Guide

A Cemetery Mapping Portal user guide has been created to assist users.

Cemetery Portal User Guide 1001.5 KB Download

Monumental Cemetery Records

Council assumed responsibility for the Monumental Cemetery in February 1968 following State Government legislation which removed the ownership from the individual churches. The monuments in the cemetery are privately owned and maintained, Council maintains the grounds as well as the opening and closing of sites.

It is unknown how many burials there have been in this Cemetery as the records kept by the Churches, Funeral Directors and independent Grave Diggers for the first one hundred years are non-existent. Since 1989, a concerted effort has been made to locate 'lost' burial sites, and to date, some 9,000 new entries have been added to Council's records.

Cemetery Mapping Portal Questions

If you have any difficulties using the portal, please submit an enquiry.

Alternatively, you can phone Council's Customer Service Centre on 1300 292 442.