Auspicing Arrangements

Some grant programs will only provide grants to organizations that are legal entities such as incorporated associations, or to individuals or groups where grants are administered or auspiced through such organizations.

The role of an auspicing organization is to take responsibility for grant monies and keep financial records of the grant activity. This arrangement is used to ensure there is monitoring of the management of the finances, and the maintenance of proper financial records to comply with auditing requirements.

Wagga Wagga City Council will consider to auspice on behalf of community groups for projects that will provide services or facilities to the community in keeping with Councils strategic goals, community needs and other community activities.

The decision to auspice will be dependent on groups meeting certain probity criteria, and assessment of a completed Auspice Application Form. This form must be completed and submitted to Council before an application is prepared for a grant program.

To discuss a project idea and/or apply to Council to auspice on the behalf of your group, please contact

If the decision is made to auspice then a written agreement listing the services Council will provide will be drawn up and signed by both parties before an application is submitted.

Auspice Probity Criteria

  1. References - Ability to provide of relevant documentation that verifies the legitimacy of the organization. Eg references, financial statements, bank statements etc.
  2. Strategic Alignment - Does the program or project align with Councils current Strategic and Management Plans?
  3. Value for Money - Does the program or project addresses the need within the available funding.
  4. Cooperation - Willingness to work with Council in the delivery of the project.
  5. Accountability and Transparency - Record keeping and decision making processes in place for the administration of grant funds.
  6. Monitoring and evaluation - Systems in place to review and evaluate the program or project to assess whether value for money has been achieved


To cover any administration, management and accounting costs incurred when accepting a grant on behalf of a community group, Council may charge a fee in accordance with the Fees and Charges schedule of that financial year. Check with the funding provider as this fee may be able to be included as an additional cost in the budget for the grant application.