Our biggest challenge for this project was finding a connection between community and equity and respect and there it was right in front of us the whole time! Like a vein that pumps blood through our bodies for survival, so does the Murrumbidgee River - ‘Marrambidya’, connecting the Wiradjuri culture, a meeting place, source of life and engages so many people from our community.

The design sits between two Red Gum pillars connecting it to the landscape and the natural environment. The Aboriginal symbol for water is also incorporated on the river design panel connecting the Wiradjuri people. The laser cut river image on two panels of metal is backlit with blue light to project the image of the river at night.

The lighting assists in projecting the images and wording of the design for clarity at night and effects, such as the Marrambidya heading, message at the bottom and Wiradjuri symbol for water are also laser cut and backlit with light – these could be programmable so they can change with national events.

As a group and a class we have learnt so much from each other, from professionals and those that have guided us with our ideas and brought our final design to fruition. Collaborating and delegating various tasks has allowed our group to work effectively and act on feedback provided to produce a successful design reflecting respect and equity within our community