Council Ranger Services

Council's Ranger Services include such functions as:

  • On Street and Car Park Patrols
  • Investigate abandoned vehicles
  • Investigate dumped rubbish
  • Littering
  • Fire hazards
  • Obstructions of footpaths
  • Collect roaming dogs
  • Investigate barking dog complaints
  • Investigate dog attacks
  • Investigate nuisance cats
  • Street Furniture Applications

To contact a Council Ranger please call 1300 292 442 or email

Abandoned Cars & Vehicles

Any car or vehicle that has been deemed to be abandoned or unregistered and parked on Council controlled land including roads and parks, may be removed and impounded by Council.

To find our more, visit the Abandoned Cars & Vehicles page.

Abandoned Cars & Vehicles

Fines - Information and Payment

The OSR (Office of State Revenue) website provides detailed information about fines, penalties and infringement notices, including how to pay or request a review.