Abandoned Cars & Vehicles

An abandoned vehicle is a vehicle for which Council is unable to locate an owner.

Abandoned Cars & Vehicles

Any car or vehicle that has been deemed to be abandoned or unregistered, and parked on Council controlled land including roads and parks, may be removed and impounded by Council.

A vehicle may be unregistered and parked on a public street but not necessarily abandoned. Enquiries would be made to identify the owner, establish the reasons as to why the vehicle is parked on the street and the owner can be requested to remove the vehicle.

A currently registered vehicle can be parked on a road for 28 days before it can be declared to be abandoned. If a vehicle is currently registered to an address in close proximity, then it will not be declared abandoned.

Report an abandoned vehicle

To report an abandoned vehicle, please contact City Compliance on 1300 292 442 or email council@wagga.nsw.gov.au with the following details:

  • vehicle registration number (if known)
  • street and street number if possible
  • type of vehicle (for example, sedan, ute or wagon)
  • description of the vehicle (colour, make and model)
  • any photographs