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1 December 2021: River to remain high over coming days

The river in Wagga has risen to 6.25m over the last 24 hours and will remain at this height or possibly a bit higher over the next couple of days as outflows from the dams and tributaries continue to make their way through the system.

Burrinjuck Dam peaked at 100.2% over the weekend but with outflows in excess of 30,00Ml each day the dam has now dropped to around 99% and this will continue over the next few days as WaterNSW strive to create some airspace.

Mundowy Lane has remained closed and this will continue until the river drops to a level where the road can be assessed for damage , the surface repaired and traffic can safely travel on this important river crossing.

Other roads such as River Rd and Kohlhagens will also remain closed until they are safe to travel along.

Council reminds you not to drive through flooded water as it does not take much speed or depth to wash your vehicle off the road and you cannot see what the condition of the road is under the water.

Image: Burrinjuck Dam Storage over the past 12 Months:

Burrinjuck Dam Storage over the last 12 months has remained high