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29 November 2021: River peaked, dropping over the coming days.

The river in Wagga peaked at 6.9m on Sunday morning and had dropped to 5.6m this morning
Burrinjuck Dam is at 100% capacity with inflows of 41 Gigalitres a day and outflows of 30 Gigalitres a day.
Blowering Dam is at 99% with minimal inflows and outflows.
Currently, there are 40 Gigalitres in the river going past Gundagai, and Tarcutta Creek still has significant flows but is dropping from its peaks over the weekend.
These two flows will mean the river in Wagga will rise again to above 6m in the next 24-48 hours.
Mundowy Lane is closed and will remain so until water levels in the system drop significantly.
There is only minimal rain forecast for this week Council will continue monitoring the river system and our infrastructure to ensure there is maximum safety and minimum disruption to our services.