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3 August 2021: Murrumbidgee River is holding steady at 6.5m

The Murrumbidgee River is holding steady at 6.5m with 44,600ML flowing past Wagga Wagga each day.

The volume of water in Burrinjuck Dam is decreasing and currently sits at 95% with WaterNSW’s aim of reducing the dam to approximately 90% over the next couple of weeks.

The daily output from Burrinjuck Dam is projected to decrease over the next few days as the target volume of 90% is reached.

As the output of water from Burrinjuck and Blowering decreases, the height of the river at Wagga Wagga will begin to decrease 48-60 hours later.

Mundowy Lane is still under traffic control with lights and an escort vehicle in place as 300m of the road is still inundated.

This operation will remain in place until the road is clear of water in both directions.