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8 January 2022: Dams on the rise in storm aftermath

Inflows into Burrinjuck Dam have increased significantly with the recent storms with 40,000meg flowing in today. This has caused the volume in the dam to rise to over 96% and the Dam continues to absorb these flows while it can. The outflows have increased slightly to slow this increase down over the next few days.

Blowering Dam has also increased inflows and has reached 96% capacity.

The river in Gundagai peaked at 5.8m yesterday morning and is on its way back down as storm flows from the tributaries make their way through the system.

The water from Gundagai and other downstream tributaries such as Hillas Creek, Tarcutta Creek and Kyeamba Creek has started to arrive in Wagga and the river has risen to 5.4m and it is expected to continue rising for the next 24-36 hours as these flows make their way past. The river in Wagga is expected to peak between 6.2 and 6.5m depending on the flows from the tributaries.

There are numerous roads across the LGA closed due to inundation including the Collingullie Lockhart Road and Council is monitoring Mundowy Road as the river continues to rise and will implement traffic control if this becomes necessary .