All fees listed on this page are valid for the 2022/23 financial year.


Microchipping of a dog or cat costs $36.00

Lifetime Registration

Lifetime Registration fees are set by the Office of Local Government (OLG), and are subject to change. Check the current fee schedule at the OLG website.

Note: Exemptions exist for trained assistance animals such as seeing-eye or hearing dogs and farm working dogs. Greyhounds which are registered with the Greyhound Control Board are covered by separate registration for this period.

Adopting an Animal

All animals adopted from the Shelter are microchipped, lifetime registered, vaccinated, wormed and desexed. All adult dogs are also heartworm tested and all cats are FIV tested.

Adopting a dog

Adult Dog - Male $312.00
Adult Dog - Female $357.00
Puppy - Male $274.00
Puppy - Female $319.00

Adopting a cat

Male Cat $224.00
Female Cat $264.00

Impounding fee

If your pet is impounded, you will be charged a one-off impoundment fee of $41.00, plus a maintenance charge of $36.00 for each day your pet is in the animal shelter, in accordance with state legislation.

All impounded animals need to be microchipped and lifetime registered before being released. These costs are separate to the impounding cost.

Surrendering animals to the shelter

Pet owners should attempt to rehome their pets prior to contacting the shelter. Please try alternatives and advertising such as:

  • Ask friends and family
  • Post and share on social media
  • Ask your local shops, vet clinics and pet stores if they would display an ad
  • Place an ad in the local papers/radio station
  • Try animal rescue groups

If none of these have worked, and you wish to surrender your pet the following fee is to be paid.

Surrender fee: $245.00

Note: There is no guarantee that surrendered animals will be rehomed. Animals that cannot be rehomed may be euthanised, please explore all other options before surrendering to the shelter.