Glenfield Road Animal Shelter

The Glenfield Road Animal Shelter strives to reunite lost pets with their owners, and rehouse the ones left behind or abandoned.

Glenfield Road Animal Shelter (GRAS) is a state-of-the-art facility designed to provide the very best care possible for lost and abandoned animals, with over 1500 dogs and 600 cats cared for by our staff each year.

Pet cats and dogs are required by law to be marked with permanent ID (microchipped) and also given a one-off lifetime registration by the time they are 6 months of age. Council's Glenfield Road Animal Shelter provides both of these services.

If you are looking for a family pet, you can view our find a pet page to see pictures of the animals that are currently available for adoption in the shelter, or visit the shelter during the below opening hours to meet them face-to-face! The animal management team can help you find the right pet that fits in with your family and lifestyle.

The new facility, opened in 2015, is a clean, healthy and safe environment which is temperature controlled, secure and staffed by professional animal rangers. It has a designated viewing area and self-sustained veterinary room. You can learn more about the shelter's completed and planned upgrades below.

The City's Companion Animal Management Officers also investigate complaints made by the public regarding straying dogs, barking dogs, dog attacks, nuisance cats and straying stock.

Phone: (02) 6971 4651
Opening hours: Monday - Saturday, 1pm - 4:15pm
Location: Turn off Glenfield Road south of Urana Street intersection, opposite the Juvenile Justice facility.

Ongoing shelter improvements

The City of Wagga Wagga is committed to providing the best level of care to all animals that find their way into the shelter.

Highly qualified veterinary specialist Jacob Michelsen conducted a review of the shelter in April 2016.

Dr Michelsen's report assessed both the physical infrastructure at the facility as well as its management, policies and procedures.

The scope of the review was to not only asses GRAS against current legislation, but to compare it against best practice in animal management and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals draft guidelines and standards.

The full report is available below:

Glenfield Road Animal Shelter Independent Review 904.6 KB Download

Completed improvements:

  • Dog beds are being used
  • In floor heating in the dog shelter is operational
  • Review and updating of website information, this is on-going with future integration of IT systems being explored
  • CCTV installed
  • Drainage improvements
  • Entry landscaping improvements
  • Automatic drinkers in the dog shelter
  • Dog exercise area
  • Additional cat cages/exercise pen
  • Animals have been housed at the shelter for longer than the statutory period in an effort to rehome them
  • Shelter/responsible pet ownership promotions, including the shelter open day in November 2016 and a recent social media cat adoption campaign
  • Changes to adoption fees

Planned improvements:

  • Dog wash facility
  • Facility master plan