Pressure Sewerage Network

Service Areas

In 2003 Council implemented a pilot pressure sewer scheme in select areas of the Wagga Wagga service area. This measure was undertaken to provide an economical alternative of providing sewerage service to residents and businesses where conventional gravity sewerage systems would have been exceedingly costly to implement.

These were primarily outlying areas where development densities were low, topography was flat, and soils and groundwater conditions were not appropriate for septic systems. New connections have been added since the inception of the pressure sewer scheme, and Council now has many pressure sewer connections in operation. The areas served by the pressure sewer schemes are East Wagga, Gumly Gumly, Collingullie and Riverview Estate.

System and Maintenance

The Wagga Wagga pressure sewer scheme consists of a small underground pump station at each service connection. Each pump station is equipped with an alarm system that alerts the residents in the event of high liquid levels or pump failure.

Council staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to any emergencies that may arise with the pressure sewer system. Phone 1300 292 442. Please refer to the Owners Manual (PDF, 149.6 KB) for more information.

Installation Advice

The pressure sewer system installation is at full cost to the property owner/builder. Upon completion of the pressure system installation, the pump is turned over to Council, which then owns and maintains the pump unit.


Council charges an additional annual pump maintenance fee from each pressure sewer customer above the charge for conventional sewerage customers. This fee is for a 24/7 service and covers parts and labour.

How to connect

In order to connect to Council's Pressure Sewer System, you need to complete the application form below. For information regarding your application, please contact Council's Customer Service team on 1300 292 442.

Application for Connecting to Council Pressure Sewer System

A Council staff member will contact you regarding your application.

Approved pressure sewer system installers:

Below is a list of Council licensed plumbers, who are approved pressure sewer system installers. These plumbers will be able to provide you with a quote for the required site-specific installation works to be conducted for your property.

Keough’s Plumbing John Keough 6925 4647
Level Plumbing Greg Charleson 0412 694 922
Riverina Plumbing Service Eugene Flynn 0419 161 809
Power’s Plumbing Damien Cheney 6932 1888
Ahern’s Plumbing Service Brandan Ahern 0417 676 064
Pieper Plumbing and Roofing David Pieper 0400 263 891
000 Plumbing Services Rohan Pearce 0422 099 258
Brett Harmers Plumbing Brett Harmer 6931 0053
Mi Plumber Wagga Jim Jenkins 0412 219 785
Bodel's Plumbing Service
Mick Bodel 0487 692 190
CRS Plumbing Craig Snowden 0407 410 914  

On selection of a plumber and acceptance of their quote, the successful plumber will carry out the installation under a Council permit (Section 68) and the work will be inspected by a Council Plumber or Building Surveyors.

In addition to the plumber’s quote, the following costs apply:

  • Council cost of supplying the pressure sewer equipment to the plumber.
  • If applicable, a Sewer Development Servicing Plan Developer Charge (Section 64) contribution listed in Council's Fees & Charges

The Section 64 contribution applies to all new connections to sewer and goes toward the cost of building and maintaining the sewer grid and treatment works.

The full amount of the cost for the supply of pressure sewer equipment is to be paid before commencement of works.

A copy of the receipt for payment of the supply of pressure equipment is to be forward to Council’s Trade Waste Officer by emailing to or dropping copy of the receipt into Customer Service marked for the attention of the Council’s Trade Waste Officer.

If you have any questions regarding to pressure sewer connections, please contact Council on 1300 292 442.