Sewer Charging

With increasing demands on the limited water resources of NSW, it is vital that these resources are managed in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Best-practice management is essential for efficient and sustainable management of water resources and the environment. It enables a Local Water Utility (LWU) like Wagga Wagga City Council to achieve sustainable water supply and sewerage businesses and comply with the Australian Government's National Competition Policy (NCP) and National Water Initiative (NWI).

LWUs that achieve the outcomes required by these guidelines will have demonstrated best-practice management of these businesses. Best-practice management involves a triple bottom line focus that provides a balanced view of the long-term sustainability of NSW water utilities. Triple bottom line accounting (social, environmental and economic) involves consideration of a LWU's business plan together with its social and environmental management practices.

Best-practice management of water supply and sewerage involves the following 6 criteria:

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Pricing (including Developer Charges, Liquid Trade Waste Policy and Approvals)
  • Water Conservation
  • Drought Management
  • Performance Reporting
  • Integrated Water Cycle Management

Best-practice sewerage pricing involves a uniform annual sewerage bill for residential customers. For non-residential customers an appropriate sewer usage charge is required for the estimated volume discharged to the sewerage system, together with an access charge/s based on the capacity requirements that their loads place on the system relative to residential customers.

Non Residential Two Part Tariff Best Practice Sewer Charging

Council has a two part tariff sewer charge for Non Residential Customers. Non Residential customers include Commercial, Industrial, Schools, small community properties, hospitals, Non Res Strata, Non Res additional services and small Community Property.

The Non Residential Sewer Charge comprises of an Access Charge based on the water meter size used on the property and a consumption charge which is reduced proportionally by the applicable discharge factor for the Non residential customer. These charges can be located in Council's Fees and Charges.

Application for variation of sewer discharge factor 228.1 KB Download

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