Application for permission to fly a drone on Council land

Before completing this form, please read the conditions of hire:

1. Making a booking on Council land

Permission to operate a drone in a public space is to be obtained from Council. An application for permission to fly a drone on Council land is to be completed. A copy of the insurance covering the drone activity and the certification of the person flying the drone are to be supplied with the application.

The Booking Officer will issue confirmation in writing to the successful applicant. The conditions of hire for operating a drone on Council land will also be supplied with the booking confirmation.

The Bookings Officer will contact the applicant if further information is required or to advise the request has been denied. Council reserves the right to refuse any booking if it is considered that such a booking is not in the best interest in the preservation of its community facility.

2. Payment

  • An invoice will be raised after the booking and confirmation has been sent
  • Bookings are not finalised until payment has been processed and any cheques have been cleared
  • Conditions of hire have been read, signed, and returned to Council’s Booking Officer
  • Payment must be made by one of the following methods:
  • In person and during business hours by cash, cheque payable to City of Wagga Wagga, or EFTPOS or credit card.
  • Cheques should be made payable to City of Wagga Wagga and posted to-

iii) By credit card by ringing 1300 292 442

iv) Payments can be made on Council’s Online Services - Home Page

3. Hire rates

All hire charges are available on the City of Wagga Wagga website in the Revenue and Pricing Policy.

4. Cancellations and changes to bookings

Cancellations of bookings are to be submitted no less than one week prior to the date of booking. All cancellations and changes are to be submitted in writing or by email to the Booking Officer at:

City of Wagga Wagga
PO Box 20

Or by email to

In the case of wet weather rendering the park unfit for use on the day of booking, a refund may be given on all bookings.

5. Drone operations

Pilots must adhere to all Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations and licence conditions. Excluded RPA’s must follow CASA Standard Operating Conditions:

  • You must only fly during the day, not at night.
  • You must only fly by visual line of sight (VLOS)-close enough to see, maintain orientation and achieve accurate flight and tracking.
  • You must fly no higher than 120 metres (400 feet) above ground level.
  • You must not fly any closer than 30 metres from other people.
  • You must not fly in a prohibited area or in a restricted area without the permission of the responsible authority.
  • You must not fly over populous areas, such as beaches, parks and sporting ovals. The risk to life, safety and property depends not only on the density of people and property in an area but also the flying height and the likelihood of injury or damage should something go wrong with the RPA.
  • You must not fly within 5.5 kilometres (3 nautical miles) of a controlled aerodrome-one with an operating control tower.
  • You must not fly in the area of a public safety operation without the approval of a person in charge of the emergency response. This includes situations such as a car crash or any police, firefighting or search and rescue operations.
  • You must only fly one RPA at a time.

6. Vehicle parking

No vehicles are permitted access to enter the sportsground, gardens, grassed areas or drive on pathways within the gardens. Parking is permitted in allocated parking areas only.

7. Public Liability Insurance

All hirers operating equipment, rides or sports related activities must provide a copy of your certificate of current public liability insurance at the time of making a booking. The minimum cover required is $20,000,000.  Without this insurance, hirers could be successfully personally sued.

The hirer unconditionally releases all claims, suits, demands, actions or proceedings (whether at law, in equity or arising under any statute), which the hirer has or may have against Wagga Wagga City Council, its councillors, officers, employees or agents (other than the hirer) arising out of or in connection with an act, default or omission of the hirer or any of its officers, employees or agents. The hirer agrees not to sue or make any claim or demand against the Wagga Wagga City Council, its councillors, officers, employees or agents in respect of matters covered by this release.

The hirer indemnifies, holds harmless and defends the Wagga Wagga City Council, its councillors, officers, employees or agents (other than the hirer) against loss (including legal costs and expenses) or liability reasonably incurred or sustained by any of the indemnified persons arising from a claim, suit, demand, action or proceeding by any person against any of the indemnified persons where the loss or liability arises out of or in connection with an act, default or omission of the hirer or any of its officers, employees, clients, invitees or agents.

The hirer agrees that indemnity granted under this clause shall continue in full force and effect irrespective of the fact that this agreement may have terminated.

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Details of hire

I/We are attaching evidence of my/our organisations current public liability insurance covering the use of the drones in public space. The policy must have a minumum public liability cover of $20 million.