Notification – Temporary/Special Event Food Stall

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PART A – Food Business Activity

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Please note that there are TWO PARTS to this application.

You are about to undertake Part A, in which you will be required to fill out information about your contact details, business operations information (types of foods, food safety requirements etc) as well as uploading the relevant documents.

You will need to upload a copy of the Food Safety Supervisor Certificate for your business (if required) . Please have this ready to upload before you start.

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Operations Information

*'potentially hazardous foods' means food that has to be kept at certain temperatures to minimise the growth of any pathogenic microorganisms that may be present in the food or to prevent the formation of toxins in the food. This includes but is not restricted to foods that contain meat, seafood, eggs, dairy, poultry and processed fruits and vegetables.
See Minimum Standards for further information.
Food Grade Sanitiser: chemicals that are used after detergents. Sanitisers will kill and reduce the number of bacteria and spores.
Note: household disinfectants are not considered suitable.