Application for Registration - Cooling Tower/Warm Water Systems

NSW Public Health Act 2010

System Details

Owner Details

Occupier Details

Service Contractor Details

Installation of New Cooling Water System

In the instance that a new tower is installed, provide a site plan detailing the location of the cooling water system and stack vents nearby.


Please Note: Building owners or occupiers are responsible for ensuring that the cooling tower or warm water system within your building is installed, maintained and operated in accordance with the law. All water-cooling systems can only be operated if they are equipped with a process designed to control microbial growth certified annually by a competent person and only if the process is in continuous operation.

Approved Form 6 Notification of Installation or change in particulars

As per the requirements of Section 31 of the Public Health Act 2020 and Sections 13G, 13T and 13Y of the Public Health Regulation 2012, the form is required to be completed in the instance there’s a new installation, change of occupier or change in particulars.

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