Riverside Strategic Master Plan

Riverside Wagga Wagga is a visionary project that will reinforce the relationship between the iconic Murrumbidgee River and the city of Wagga Wagga by bringing an array of recreational, cultural, commercial and residential development, underpinned by sustainable principles, to fully showcase its potential and enhance the quality of living for its citizens and visitors alike.

The Riverside Strategic Master Plan was developed in 2009 after extensive consultation with the community of Wagga Wagga.

The project has the potential to enliven the riverside but also to return the riverside back to Wagga Wagga. This natural resource with its unique riverine setting is a major asset for the city which is currently under-utilised. The Strategic Master Plan sets out a vision to fully capitalise on this potential.

Download the Riverside Strategic Master Plan by clicking the download link in the top left corner. (PDF, 94MB)

Riverside Plan of Management

The purpose of developing the Riverside Plan of Management (PoM) is to provide framework for the future use and management of lands within a designated study area. A PoM forms a key strategic document intended to contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of the local area by realising the recreational and commercial potential of the foreshore. Accordingly, a PoM defines the values, use, management practices and intent relating to the purpose for which the land has been reserved or dedicated. It not only guides the future management and development of the land concerned but provides the ‘how and why’ an area should be developed, used and managed.

Riverside Wagga Wagga Plan of Management 7.4 MB Download

Current and future progress of the project

To stay up to date with the current progress of the Riverside project, visit the Riverside Redevelopment project page.

You can also read about the upgrades that have already happened during Stage 1 of the Riverside project on the Wagga Beach and Wiradjuri Reserve pages on our site.