Planning Proposals

A planning proposal is a document that requests permission to amend the Local Environmental Plan.

What is a planning proposal?

A planning proposal may be a request to alter land uses through rezoning and/or amend the development standards, such as height of building, floor space ratio, heritage, additional permitted uses or other clauses.

A planning proposal is the first step in making an amendment to the LEP through the Department of Planning and Environment Gateway Process.

Planning Amendments

Understanding the key terms

Strategic merit is the first ‘test’ a planning proposal must pass. It demonstrates that the proposal aligns with the strategic planning framework at a State and local level.

If a proposal cannot demonstrate sufficient strategic merit, it will not progress to the next stage of the process.

Site-specific merit is the second ‘test’ a planning proposal must pass. Site-specific merit is only considered if the strategic merit of the proposal has been accepted. Site-specific merit refers to the features of the site that make it suitable for the proposal. It may relate to its location, environmental opportunities and constraints and/or natural hazards, amongst other things.

The Planning Proposal Authority (PPA) is the authority responsible for:

  • managing the planning proposal, including its preparation and submission to the Department of Planning and Environment for a Gateway Determination,
  • meeting the conditions of a Gateway Determination,
  • public exhibition; and,
  • finalisation.

Often, the PPA will be Council.

The NSW Planning Portal is an online tool that provides information and resources across a range of planning-related matters.

The Portal also provides a lodgement function, where Development Applications, Planning Proposals and various other certificates can be lodged with Council. You will need a login to access the Portal in order to lodge documents.

You will only use the Portal to lodge from Stage 2 onwards; Scoping Proposals are submitted to Council via email.