Council has made available nine sites on Council managed land to provide a facility for the community to advertise upcoming community events.

Each site has in place structures where temporary community event signs can be attached. These structures are designed to reduce sign clutter on our roads and ensure the safety of all road users by minimising any line-of-sight issues.

The temporary use of the community event signage facilities is regulated by Council and subject to conditions as outlined below.

To book a space on a Temporary Event Signage structure a Temporary Event Signage booking must be completed and provided to council no later than one (1) week prior to the event date.

Sign Specifications

Signs must be corflute and were possible, professionally produced. Each location has a specifically built structure for signage to be attached to.

Your sign:

  • Can be no larger than A1 (594 x 841mm)
  • Orientation can be landscape or portrait

Sign Design:

  • Professional designers should be engaged where possible.
  • Signage should be of a professional standard and in accordance with the Temporary Event Signage Guidelines (PDF, 220.2 KB)
  • To maximise the impact of signage design, the following points are to be considered:
    • Inclusion of dates and venue information in large, bold writing
    • Graphics that are simple and bold
    • Sponsorship logos should be kept to a minimum to ensure the event name, date and time are given maximum exposure on the sign for readability purposes

There are nine (9) Temporary Events Signage Structures across the City. Only four (4) signs are permitted to be booked per event.

  1. Hampden Avenue, North Wagga (opposite Wilks Park)
  2. Boorooma, eastern side of road, south of Messenger Avenue
  3. Lake Albert Road, western side of the road, south of Copland Street
  4. Mitchelmore Street, Turvey Park
  5. Bolton Park (south of Morgan Street corner)
  6. Kooringal Road, western side of the road, north of Copland Street
  7. Lake Albert, corner of Lakeside Drive and Lake Albert Rd
  8. Jubilee Park, corner of Red Hill Road and Bourke Street
  9. Glenfield Road, western side of the road, north of Fernleigh Road

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a not-for-profit incorporated organisation or a commercial organisation promoting a community event
  • The applicant is preferably based in the Wagga Wagga LGA
  • The proposed activity or event will take place in the Wagga Wagga LGA
  • The applicant must have lodged an online application for community event signage; or
  • Where the event requires development approval, the applicant must have lodged a development application for the event (for events on private land); or
  • The signage must be permissible as exempt development
  • The applicant must comply with the Council’s risk and insurance requirements
  • The organisation indemnifies the City from and against all claims and judgements arising from the erection of the signs
  • The event must encourage a high level of community participation.

Events that are not eligible to make an application under this Policy are:

  • Weekly sporting competitions
  • Garage sales
  • Signs advertising an event of a political nature
  • Events that are entirely of a commercial nature, with no perceived community benefit.

Conditions of Use:

  • Signs relating to an event may be erected up to fourteen (14) days prior to the event if selected sites are available.
  • Signs relating to events must be removed within three (3) days of the conclusion of the event.
  • Community event signs are to be erected and removed by the applicant.
  • Signs must be secured to designated sites (locations are detailed in the Temporary Event Signage Guidelines (PDF, 220.2 KB) to the satisfaction of Council.
  • Council reserves the right to refuse permission to display sign or to remove signs on any grounds, particularly any signage that, in the opinion of Council:
    • Is poor in appearance
    • Projects an offensive message
    • Displays an offensive image
    • Contains offensive language
    • Promotes a commercial activity or organisation (outside the scope of the policy)
    • Incites hatred or aggression in any form
    • Is unlawful under any local, state or federal law
    • Is considered as promotion of a political nature.

Please note: Booking a location does not provide sole use of the Community Event infrastructure – the structures are available for multiple community events that have been booked at the location.

Temporary Event Signage Guidelines 220.2 KB Download

Book a signage site