Organising your event

Calendar of events

The 2024 Wagga Wagga and Surrounds calendar of events may assist you in determining a date for your next event.

2024 Events Calendar 24.3 KB Download

Getting started with your event

  1. Read this information and make sure you understand everything you need to provide. If things are missing when you submit your application, delays could result and additional fees may be incurred.
  2. Consult with Council event staff: We strongly advise you to speak with Council's event staff prior to starting your application, they can assist in making your application process smoother, and offer handy tips and previous experience in the selected event space.
  3. Prepare your documentation: The below content outlines what you need to consider when preparing the event application. For assistance with preparing these supporting documents, templates can be found below. Make sure you provide as much information as possible when completing the forms to prevent any processing delays.
  4. Lodgement: The easiest way to apply for an event on one of our pre-approved sites is via our online booking form. Simply fill out the booking form, upload the appropriate supporting documents, pay the appropriate fee/s and your away. Note: By lodging your application you are not guaranteed to receive an event permit.

Things to consider

Upcoming events

For information on upcoming events in Wagga Wagga and Surrounds, event organisers can head to Visit Wagga Wagga website's online What's On calendar.

Pre-approved event sites

Council offer six event spaces that are pre-approved for a variety of events, without the need to apply for a Development Application.

  1. Lake Albert (including Apex Park)
  2. Bolton Park
  3. The Victory Memorial Gardens
  4. The Wollundry Lagoon
  5. The Playhouse Car Park (cnr Cross Street and Tarcutta Street)
  6. Riverside: Wagga Beach

Overview of existing facilities:

Event Location Toilets Available onsite Accessible Toilets Power Available
Lake Albert (Including Apex Park) Yes Yes Yes
Bolton Park Yes Yes No
The Victory Memorial Gardens Yes Yes Yes
The Wollundry Lagoon Yes Yes Yes
The Playhouse Car Park Yes Yes Yes
The Wagga Wagga Beach Yes Yes Yes

Event venue fact sheets

See below for venue fact sheets on some of the event sites that Council offer:

Event Fact Sheet - Wollundry Lagoon Precint 1.2 MB Download

Event Fact Sheet - Victory Memorial Gardens 1.3 MB Download

Event Fact Sheet - Marrambidya Wetlands 481.6 KB Download

Event Fact Sheet - Botanic Gardens 1.1 MB Download

Event Fact Sheet - Apex Park 1.3 MB Download

Additional sites

In addition to the six pre-approved Council event sites, Wagga Wagga has a variety of other venues on offer.

For information about booking a location in a park in Wagga Wagga, or one of Council's other facilities, visit our Book a Council Park, Site or Facility page.

For a list of event venues located throughout Wagga Wagga, see our Conference and Events Guide.


Events including food are becoming increasingly popular. It is important that as a Council we ensure that the food providers meet all required regulations and licencing. Food outlets are required to comply with Council's guidelines for handling food at temporary events.

Food Stalls must comply with NSW food Act 2003, NSW Food Regulation, Food Safety Standards and NSW Food Authority - Food Handling Guidelines for Temporary Events.

Food Stalls must also be registered and seek approval to operate via Councils Temporary/Special Events Food Stall form.
Applications must be received within no less than 14 days notice and once approved are valid for 12 months.


If you intend to serve alcohol at your event you will need to apply for a Liquor License, you can investigate what types of licenses are available, and apply for one via the Liquor and Gaming NSW website.

To request temporary removal of an alcohol free zone area or alcohol prohibited area you will need to make the request to Council, in writing at least three months prior to your event.

Anyone serving alcohol is required to have a current RSA. For more information please visit the Service NSW website.


The below can be used as a guide on how many toilets you will require at your event.
Please indicate on your site plan the number of toilets you will provide based on the following scale:

Events without alcohol

Events SizeFemaleMaleMale UrinalsAccessible
0 -5006121
500 - 1009241
1000 - 2000 12481
2000 - 3000186152
3000 - 5000308253
For every 2000
people over

Events with alcohol

Event SizeFemaleMaleMale UrinalsAccessible
0 - 50013381
500 - 100016 5101
1000 - 200018 9 151
2000 - 30002210202
3000 - 50004012303
For every 2000
people over


Developing an event waste management plan helps to identify what kinds of waste, how much waste your event will generate and how you plan to collect and remove that waste.

The table below provides a recommended number of 240L bins for your event. Bins should be strategically placed at a number of locations around the event site. It is advisable to place bin stations between 3 and 14 metres apart in the main event areas if possible, as beyond this distance more littering starts to occur. A good tip is to always place bins near your bathroom facilities as studies have shown that it is in these key areas where litter from events can build up.

When your event has food and/or drink stall holders it is advised that you include a back-of-house (BOH) skip bin to your waste management plan. Three cubic metre skip bins are commonly hired for larger events for the use of stallholders/vendors in the back of house area. At smaller events, standard 240 litre wheelie bins will be sufficient for back-of-house recycling and waste.

Please indicate on your site plan the number and location of bins based on the following scale:


Non liquor licenced events

Event SizeGeneral Waste BinsRecycling BinsFogo BinsSkip BinsTotal Bins
0 - 50022206
500 - 2000444012
2000 - 5000688123
5000 - 10000101015237
For every 5000
people over

Liquor licenced events

Event SizeGeneral Waste BinsRecycling BinsFogo BinsSkip BinsTotal Bins
0 - 50022206
500 - 2000444016
2000 - 50006108125
5000 - 10000101415241
For ever 5000
people over


Council has power available at most event sites. It is important when preparing your site plan that you are aware of Council's power connection location so that you can plan your event accordingly.

Power generators can be used to service your event and are great way to structure your event exactly how you need it.  
Any generators to be used must be included on your site plan. Please see below for a list of suppliers.

Coates Hire - 02 6932 5500 |
Jaegers Event Hire Wagga -  02 6971 8500 |  
Kennards Hire - 02 6938 4500 |
Riverina Party Hire - 02 6921 1997 |


Music and Sound are a feature of many events. We need to ensure the sound generated from your event won't disturb surrounding businesses and residents, so please include the following information in your application:

  • A description of the type of sound you will incorporate into your event i.e. live bands, performances and MC, DJs or even a combination.
  • A site plan clearly showing where the speakers will be located and the anticipated sound dispersion.
  • Details of an production specialist that may be part of your event.
  • Details of any generators that will be used and where they are to be located.

Music Licensing (APRA)

If music is being played and/or performed live, made available online or copied, it almost always requires a license. To find out if you require an APRA License at your event, visit the APRA website.

Additionally, if your event is screening a movie you may also require a copyright license.

The process for approval to hold an event on a public road is complex, but Council's Traffic Officers can assist applicants with all traffic related aspects in completing your application. If you think your event may require the partial or full closure of roads or have an effect on traffic within the city please contact Council's Traffic Officer on 1300 292 442.

You can also download the Wagga Wagga City Council Information Guide to Applicants for the Management of Traffic for Special Events (PDF, 285.6 KB) for comprehensive advice and information to plan and apply for your event.

Events that require control of traffic will be considered by Council's Traffic Committee. This process requires a minimum of 12 weeks to allow for the meeting schedule of the Committee.

You are required to supply a Risk Management Plan that identifies all of the potential risks that may arise from your events and the steps identified to mitigate such risks. External risk are also required to be identified and noted.

Download a template of a Risk Assessment (PDF, 72.2 KB).


If you're looking at hosting fireworks at your next event please ensure you have researched and understood the SafeWork NSW explosives and fireworks regulations. Events using fireworks will require a fireworks license issued by SafeWork NSW and will need to comply with all the conditions set out in the license.

Sinister Fireworks - 0428 311 118 |

Permission for fireworks is required from Council and the landowner.


If you're planning some exciting activities for all to enjoy at your event be sure to make contact with one of the following entertainer suppliers.

Jumping Beans - 1300 570 591 |
Snowy River Amusements - 0408 123 627 |
Tony Joe's Amusements -  02 6925 9296 |

Please note if your event is on Council owned land you are required to clearly mark the location of your amusements on a site map and present to Council prior to bump in of your event.

Amusement operators are required to operate within the Australian Standards for Amusement Rides and Devises and ensure they have provided a copy of their public liability insurance with a minimum $20,000,000 cover to the event organiser.

Amusement rides can only be set up as part of an organised public event. The amusement operator is required to meet with a Council Park's delegate to be inducted at the site where they are permitted to set up. Due to underground irrigation and other infrastructure parks and reserves have limited sites available for items that are required to penetrate the ground.

It is important that people with disabilities and other access issues have the same opportunities as other community members to access and participate in public meetings, consultations, functions and events.

This checklist is a guide for event organisers to increase participation of people with a disability, ensure accessibility and consider needs of community members during the planning stages.

 Have you used a plain font (such as Helvetica or Arial) in your invitations and promotional material? 
 Is all text a minimum of 14-point type size? 
 Do your invitations and promotional material show accessible features? e.g. wheelchair or Auslan symbols 
 Does it include details for people to contact the event organiser?  
 Have you asked invitees to communicate any specific requirements? 
 Have you inspected the venue prior to booking? 
 Does the venue have accessible parking bays? 
 Does the venue have step free access as an alternative to any steps or stairs on the site? 
 Does the venue have wide self-opening or easy to open doors? 
 Are there clear external and internal directional signs including symbols? 
 Is there ease of access when moving around venues? 
 Are there accessible facilities and amenities? 
 Does the venue have adequate lighting? 
 Are there sufficient walkways in the function room (1000mm or wider)? 
 Does the venue have an audio loop or assistive technologies installed? 
 Is there a position where the interpreter will stand, so people who are hard of hearing can see the face and hand movements of the person speaking? 
 Ensure the presenter/interpreter is in a visible position for all to see 

The checklist is not exhaustive but is a good place to start when planning your event. Always remember to ask each attendee about their unique requirements; never assume.

Accessibility resources and support services

The City of Wagga Wagga can provide advice and referral to business regarding disability access issues.

City of Wagga Wagga

Phone: 1300 292 442


Wagga Wagga City Council Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2017 -2021

demonstrates Councils ongoing commitments to accessibility and inclusiveness for people living with a disability across our community.


Phone: 1800 029 904 or 0458 296 602


Vison Australia

Phone: 1300 84 74 66 or 02 6926 8500


The Deaf Society

Phone: 1800 893 855


Event Management Plan

Downloadable templates here

We can also talk about deadlines of when they need to be submitted (i.e 3 months out etc)

Wagga Wagga is known to have pockets of dense bush land which can be a picturesque backdrop for your event but also brings a level of risk during those hotter months of the year.

The Botanic Gardens and in particular the Music Bowl is a venue of concern where events are held within the 'Bush Fire Danger Period' (1 October to 31 March). When conducting an event during this period the event organiser is required to prepare and submit a Bushfire Emergency Management Plan for approval by Council prior to the event. The plan should address, but not be limited to, the safe evacuation of all event attendees in the event of a bushfire threat.

The event organiser is required to notify emergency services in advance of their event and provide a copy of their Bushfire Management Plan and Site Layout Plan.

This summer season Council is encouraging event organisers to be proactive in taking action to manage mosquitoes at outdoor temporary events.  Warmer weather and high rainfall make perfect conditions for a big mosquito season. To help you minimise, manage and deter risks associated with mosquito bites, Council together with NSW Health has developed resources and some practical tips you can apply when planning your event.
Learn how you can manage mosquitos at outdoor events here.