Groups and individuals are welcome to book locations within Wagga's many beautiful parks and gardens for wedding ceremonies, events and birthday parties.

Prior to making your booking you will need to have the chosen venue, date and time (allowing time for setup and clean up afterwards) finalised.

Book a park or reserve

Large social gatherings

It is recommended that you notify Council if you wish to hold a large social gathering of over 50 people at a park or reserve, especially from November to January when gatherings/events in parks are commonplace. This allows Council to monitor numbers and prevent overcrowding.

Please be aware that this does not secure your place at a park or reserve. If you wish to book and secure a location, please fill out an application to hire a park or reserve.

Council requires notification of large social gatherings with over 50 participants. Community groups, social groups and businesses holding events in parks are to notify Council of their event. Especially during the festive season from November to January when the parks are a commonplace for social celebrations.

There are no booking fees associated with the notification, it is simply a measure for monitoring the amount of users at the park to avoid overcrowding at the BBQs and playground areas.

1. Complete an application

An Application to Notify Council of a large social gathering in a Park is to be completed and returned to Council’s Booking Officer ( to record your event on Council’s bookings system. The Bookings Officer will acknowledge your notification by letter or email.

2. Public Space

A Park is public space and even though you have notified Council of your event you are not entitled to exclusive use of the nominated area, BBQ, playground or equipment. It is the responsibility of the user groups to arrive at the park early to secure a specific location. At no time can one park user ask another park user to move from the site they are set up in.

3. Barbeques

Barbeques can not be booked as they are available to all patrons attending the public park. Barbeques are to be cleaned after use ready for the next person to use.

4. Temporary Structures

No temporary structures are allowed to be erected such as marquees, tents and shade structures. No section in the park/reserve is to be cordoned off with ropes, sign or barricades.

5. Playground

Playgrounds can not be booked specifically to one user group as they are available to all patrons attending the public park.

6. Cleaning

The area must be left in a clean and tidy condition with no damage to Councils property. Waste is to be disposed of in the bins provided at the park or removed from the area at the end of the event.

7. Chairs and Tables

Chairs may be used, however they must have a stable triangle shape footing e.g. Plastic garden chairs. Council does not supply chairs and tables for events. Garden seating is not to be removed from other parts of the park to be used at your event.

11. Restaurant, Kiosk and Reception Facility

The Lessee of the restaurant, kiosk and reception facility situated at the Botanic Gardens has exclusive right to sell food, refreshments, soft drink, ice cream and souvenirs within the Botanic Gardens area (but not within the area known as the Music Bowl). Community organisations using the Botanic Gardens can sell food to their members for fundraising purposes but not to the general public e.g. Sausage sizzles. To ensure health and safety standards are maintained, community groups are encouraged to complete the Temporary Food Stalls application when food is being sold.

12. Alcohol

Alcohol is not allowed to be consumed in a public park, BBQ or playground area.

13. Noise

Noise is to be controlled and is not to create a nuisance to other park users. Therefore, the use of public address (PA) systems, large sound systems and other activities that generate excessive amounts of noise cannot be used without the written permission of Council.

14. Parking & Vehicle Access

No vehicles are permitted to enter the BBQ or playground areas. Parking is permitted in allocated parking areas only. Vehicles are not permitted to drive on pathways, lawns or in the gardens.

15. Power

Power location maps for the Victory Memorial Garden and Botanic Garden are available from Councils Booking Officer or through the Wagga Wagga City Council Website. Power is marked P on the maps. A 3 pin plug is required to access any outdoor power points.

16. Fireworks

Fireworks are prohibited on Council land.

17. Decorations

Decorations are not permitted to be adhered to any structures or trees within the park.

18. Jumping Castles

Jumping Castle operators on Council land are to be registered with Council. Council keeps a record of the operators current of Certificate of Currency. Operators are also inducted by Council’s Park Supervisor to be shown the safest and most convenient location to set-up the Jumping Castle.

When the Jumping Castle operator is not registered with Council the operator must provide a copy of their Certificate of Currency with minimum public liability cover of $20 million. Council will then organise with the operator to meet with the Parks Supervisor for their induction. Failure to provide a copy of their Certificate of Currency will result in the operator not being allowed to operate on Council land.

Parks & Reserves Fees & Charges

The below shows the pricing schedule for the hire costs associated with Council's parks and reserves. Council's fees and charges are updated annually and new rates are available from July 1.

All prices shown are inclusive of GST.

Hire - up to 8 hours

Private events Wedding, Christening or Naming Days - fee for 2 hours $160.00
Casual reserve Up to 8 hours $7000
Casual parkUp to 8 hours$125.00
Event - small Less than 1000 people - Not for profit organisations $125.00
Event - mediumMore than 1000 people - Not for profit organisations$195.00
Event - small Up to 1000 people - Commercial  $190.00
Event - medium 1001 to 4000 people - Commercial $465.00
Event - large  More than 4000 people - Commercial $3,010.00
Event - Community/NFP$100 per 1,000 people attending $100.00
Event - Commercial$1,000 per 1,000 people attending $1,000.00