The hard waste collection helps residents dispose of larger household items that cannot be disposed of through the regular kerbside collection service.

This service has been created to replace Gregadoo Waste Management Centre's free tip days, to give everyone access to using this service that may not be able to travel to Gregadoo Waste Management Centre.

Properties that pay the domestic waste management service charge can access one free hard waste collection per calendar year to dispose of up to two cubic metres of hard waste. This includes rental properties within the waste management service area.

Above image is not to scale and is for illustrative purposes only.

Book a hard waste collection

You can book a hard waste collection online on the JJ Richards website, or by calling (02) 5942 6150.

Once your booking has been processed you will be informed of your collection date.

A reminder SMS or email will be sent two days prior to your scheduled collection.

Items not accepted Where to dispose
X    Air conditioners GWMCº
X    Asbestos GWMCº
X    Barbeque GWMCº
X    Bricks/Rocks/Dirt/Sand GWMCº
X    Building waste - construction and demolition GWMCº
X    Car batteries GWMC#  /  Retailers#
X    Car parts - engine blocks, transmission GWMCº
X    Chemical waste CRC#  /  Private contractorº
X    Computers, monitors and accessories GWMC#  /  KR#  /  CRC#
X    Engine blocks GWMCº  /  Private contractorº
X    Fire extinguishers GWMCº  /  CRC#
X    Fluorescent tubes  CRC#
X    Fluorescent bulbs CRS#
X    Fridges and freezers GWMCº  /  Private contractor#
X    Gas bottles GWMCº  /  CRC#
X    Glass - mirrors and sheet glass GWMCº
X    Lawn mower GWMCº
X    Light bulbs (excluding fluorescent tubes) CRS#  /  CRC#
X    Liquid waste - coolants Private contractorº
X    Mattresses GWMCº
X    Medical waste Private contractor
X    Microwave GWMCº / Private contractor#
X    Motor oils - up to 20L free GWMCº  /  CRC#
X    Paints and paint tins GWMC#  /  CRC#
X    Putrescible waste Red lid bin  /  GWMCº
X    Smoke alarms CRC#
X    Televisions GWMC#  /  KR#  /  CRC#
X    Tyres GWMCº
X    Whitegoods - dishwashers, washing machines,clothes dryer, refrigerators, freezers  GWMCº / Private contractor#


GWMC Gregadoo Waste Management Centre
132 Ashfords Rd, Gregadoo
7am - 4:30pm, 7 days a week
KR Kurrajong Recycling
54 Chaston St, Wagga Wagga
7:30am - 3:30pm, Monday - Friday
CRS Community Recycling Station
Wagga Wagga City Council
Cnr Baylis and Morrow Streets, Wagga Wagga
7 days a week during opening hours
CRC Community Recycling Centre
For locations and opening hours visit:
º Fees apply
# Free
  • Up to two cubic metres of hard waste can be placed out for collection
  • Oversized items (greater than 2m) will not be collected - disassemble large items eg. bed frames, trampolines
  • Items must be able to be lifted by two people
  • This service is limited to residential properties paying the ‘domestic waste management service charge’ and is limited to one collection per calendar year
  • Specific dates cannot be requested – your collection date will be provided upon booking
  • Collection will take place within three weeks of booking, unless in the instance where bookings have reached  capacity for that collection period and the booking will be allocated to the next available collection period
  • Items need to be placed on kerbside on the Sunday prior to your confirmed week of collection
  • If a household fails to present waste on the specified date it will still be counted as a collection to that property and the property will not be eligible for a collection until the following calendar year
  • The contractor can use their discretion and refuse to collect items that they deem inappropriate under the
    hard waste service
  • A number of items cannot be picked up as part of the hard waste collection due to health and safety reasons. These include hazardous material, combustible items and medical waste. See the 'Unaccepted items' section for further detail

Avoid, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Landfill

Council aims to reduce waste to landfill and encourages the community to follow the waste hierarchy, where disposal to landfill is the last option.

Before you dispose of your unwanted items through the kerbside hard waste collection, take some time to consider whether they can be reused or recycled:

  • Household items, furniture, books, toys, clothes etc that are still in good order can be donated to a charity or dropped to the Gregadoo Waste Management Centre Tip Shop for free (open Saturday, Sunday and Monday).
  • Items such as polystyrene, timber/fencing materials, scrap metal, cardboard, oversized/surplus green waste etc can be recycled or reused if they are dropped out to the Gregadoo Waste Management Centre Transfer Station.
  • Printer cartridges, household batteries and mobile phones are recyclable for free at numerous retail locations and at the Community Recycling Station.

Although landfilling should be the last resort, the above items can still be picked up through the Hard Waste Collection service as long as it meets the two cubic metre size limit.