Wagga City Council is the regulator of plumbing and drainage works in the Wagga Wagga Local Government Area. This means we work with the plumbing industry to ensure that all plumbing and drainage is carried out in accordance with the Acts, Regulations and Standards. These include:

  • On-site Domestic Wastewater Management ASNZS 1547:2000;
  • Local Government Act 1993;
  • Plumbing Code of Australia;
  • ASNZS 3500 Plumbing & Drainage; and
  • Local Government (General) Regulation 2005

Applications and Approvals

You need to obtain Council approval if you are planning to connect or disconnect from any of Council's sewer or stormwater drainage systems or if you intend to carry out any work which may affect its systems. This work includes any major or minor works such as those plumbing and drainage works involved with minor alterations, renovations, additions or the relocation of an existing drainage line.

Council approval is also required for plumbing work being carried out on properties connected to On-site Waste Management Systems (Septic Systems) - please contact Council's Environmental Health Section on 1300 292 442.

To obtain approval to undertake such work, the proponent will be required to make application for a Section 68 Activity Approval under one or more of the following Parts:

  • PART B4 - Carry out sewerage work
  • PART B5 - Carry out stormwater drainage work
  • PART B6 - Connect a private drain or sewer with a public drain or sewer under the control of a Council or with a drain or sewer which connects with such a public drain or sewer

Before lodgement of the application, it is strongly recommended that you read the Activity Approval Application Guide. Your application must be submitted on the Activities Approval Application Form and be accompanied by the Section 68 Activity Approval Attachment A.

The above documents must be submitted along with any other required documentation listed in Attachment A. You are encouraged to personally lodge your application so Council can check it to ensure that all of the necessary information has been provided. A fee quote can be obtained from Council prior to lodgement and applicable fees must accompany your application.

Once an approval is granted for the requested work an Activity Approval and/or Contractor's Copy will be issued containing a number of conditions specific to the work being proposed. For further information see Council's Activity Approval Application Guide or phone Council's Plumbing Section on 1300 292 442.

The Activity Approval Application Guide and the relevant application form and attachments that are necessary for the preparation and lodgement of a Section 68 Activity Approval application are available on the Application Forms, Attachments, Guides and Checklists section of this webpage.

Combined Notice of Works & Certificate of Compliance Form (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Plumbing Inspections

Plumbing inspections need to be carried out on all Section 68 Activity Approvals. To book a plumbing inspection please contact Council's Plumbing Section on 1300 292 442 at least 48 hours prior to the inspection being conducted.

Please note: A Notice of Work must be supplied to Council at least 48 hours prior to commencing any works.

What work should I book an inspection for?

You must book an inspection for the following prior to covering or backfilling:

  • All external drainage including the point of connection to Councils sewer
  • All drainage (internal and external) including trade waste
  • Stack work
  • Alterations and additions to existing water and drainage
  • Connections to stormwater systems
  • Sealing of disused services (water and sewer)
  • Work that did not comply with an earlier inspection
  • Any work on recycled water plumbing
  • Any work relating to the modification of an on-site sewage management system
  • Final inspection at the completion of work and prior to premises being occupied. All Activity Approvals require a Sewer Service Diagram to be submitted electronically to Council at least 48 hours before a final plumbing inspection can be booked.

Sewer Service Diagrams

Sewer Service Diagrams submitted by Plumbers

Sewerage Service Diagrams need to be provided by the licensed plumber and approved by a Plumbing Inspector either before or at the time of the   final drainage inspection. Sewerage Service Diagrams are a requirement of the Plumbing & Drainage Act 2011 No. 59. For further information please see Council's Sewer Service Diagrams Fact Sheet.

Council has various templates and examples available to assist in the creation of Sewerage Service Diagrams. These can be found below:

Sewer Service DIagram Templates

A3 Sewer Service Diagram Template (PDF, 187.1 KB)

A4 Sewer Service Diagram Template (PDF, 185.6 KB)

CAD Sewer Service Diagram Template (ZIP, 230.6 KB) * See notes below

* CAD Sewer Diagram Template   *This template is a DWG file which requires a CAD program for it to open. The file also needs to be unzipped using Winzip which is available on most Windows computers. If you have problems unzipping or opening this file please email web@wagga.nsw.gov.au for further instructions.

Sewer Service Diagram Examples

Residential Dwelling Sewer Diagram Example (PDF, 312.7 KB)

Additions, Shed, Verandah Sewer Diagram Example (PDF, 262.3 KB)

Home Units Sewer Diagram Example (PDF, 263.2 KB)

Commercial Industrial Sewer Diagram Example (PDF, 266.5 KB)

Sewer Service Diagram Applications

Sewer Service Diagrams can be obtained from Council by completing an application and paying the appropriate fee. You can also submit an online application.

Sewer Service Diagram Application Form (PDF, 88.8 KB)