Crematorium Gardens

Please note: The scheduling of appointments for the selection of Cremation Garden locations and preparation of memorials may take up to a month, depending on the current number of active requests underway. Cemetery Staff are available to assist with initial enquiries by phone on 02 6926 9310 and email at

Staff are receiving an increasing number of requests for assistance with the development of memorial items and other essential services. We advise that there may be up to a two-week timeframe for the preparation of quotations.

Your patience at this time is greatly appreciated.

The Wagga Wagga Lawn Cemetery & Crematorium has many gardens and niche walls established for interment of ashes and many families choose to have cremated remains memorialised in this manner. Ashes may also be interred with a loved one in a lawn burial position, retained by the family or scattered, according to the deceased wishes.

There are over 30 memorial gardens available for cremated remains, including single and double positions, niche walls and memorial only positions. Each garden/niche wall has a different memorial options.

Memorials are not included in the cost of burial or cremation and all memorial components must be ordered through the Cemetery office.

Staff at the Cemetery are available to assist you in choosing the right memorial for your loved one. Memorial arrangements are by appointment only. Please contact the Cemetery office on 02 6926 9310 to make a suitable time.

Memorial Locations Map